Breakfast, sleep, sports: The biggest energy killer in everyday life and what you can do about it

Error 1: For Breakfast, there are Sweet

Pancakes, Toast with jam and artificially sweetened cereals give the body because of the sugars contained a boost of energy. But the sugar is High after a few hours pass and the body falls into a low.

The solution: experts recommend food for Breakfast, which is the body of the entire morning with energy supply. Good energy suppliers are about complex carbohydrates, how you are stuck in whole grains or oatmeal. Instead of a sweet cereal, you can mix an oatmeal and fruit Refine. A good Alternative to jam on toast, a Toast from whole grain that you are using with Egg or cheese. In the case of industrially produced granola mixes, you should always pay attention to the sugar content and the individual food in the supermarket to compare.