Baerbock warns of a defensive attitude by means of compulsory in the case of organ donations

The Co-Chairman of the Greens, Anna Lena Baerbock, donations, among others by the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), proposed new rules for organ in Germany criticized. “I have great concerns after discussions with stakeholders, the ethics Council, and the debates in the Bundestag, because of this constraint, the state exercises here, a defensive posture,” said Baerbock in the ZDF”heute journal”.

After the on Monday presented a proposal for a parliamentary group to Spahn, all of the full-year should apply in principle as an organ donor until further notice. With the “double contradiction” solution would automatically each donor. You could say that but no. Otherwise would be – as a double barrier for members to ask questions.

A cross-party group to Baerbock is proposing mandatory periodic surveys of citizens about when ID pick them up in Offices. This is a “fundamental right gentler Alternative,” said Baerbock in the ARD television programme “Hard but fair”.

Spahn not criticised in the programme, it was the right atmosphere to talk in a large room office of a Bürgeramts about organ donation. He defended the plans for a contradiction, solution. There are also other areas such as inheritance cases, in which the state of certain legal consequences of not legends, if you declare even during the lifetime of something. So far, organ donations are only if expressly declared consent.