A donor, a recipient, but not a transplant – because the Fund does not pay

Angela Ernst is desperate: her son Alex needs a new kidney, would you donate your own immediately. Possible a Cross would be a-donation – in Spain. The don’t want to pay the cashier, because in Germany the organ exchange with Strangers is not allowed.

Angela Ernst from Suhl in Thuringia is a nurse. You know what kidney failure meant, and you know how much the life-saving dialysis to the forces of the Affected feeds. As she sees it with her adult son, Alex, was alive, but little more quality of life. “My son needs a new kidney, and I would like to donate to him,” says the 52-Year-old. If only it were so easy.

Alex Seriously had ten years ago, a kidney transplant. Because the 20-Year-old and her kidneys shut down as a result of a purulent Angina, he was with 16 years. The Organ came from the grandmother and worked until a year ago. The antibodies which the young man was, however, now make a direct living donation, the mother is impossible. “His body would reject my kidney immediately,” the told her that the Doctors from the kidney center.

Low chances on the Euro-TRANS – – wait, is planning to list

Your son also have plans to bad cards on the waiting list of EuroTrans, the experts noted regretfully. Due to its high antibody values and the high rejection risk, other recipients would be preferred. At 8000 competitors on the German list, and nearly 2000 kidney transplants waiting the award is strictly based on need and prospects for success.

The young man wants to make a big splash for his life with dialysis. But in the meantime, the accompanying piling up diseases additional drugs require, and Alex’s mother is afraid you are running out of time. The solution would be a transplant abroad, which is practiced in Germany, such as the Crossover or Crossover transplantation.

Crossover-donation – high Chance of a suitable Organ

Here, the healthy Partner of a related pair (spouses, siblings, or mother and son) is donating a kidney. This gets the sick Partner of another close pair.

In Germany must fit not only the medical conditions that couples must also have between each other a bond or build. The required by the transplantation act. It wants to bind each and every organ trafficking. But since there is no recording system for data, such couples in Germany.

The internist and kidney specialist Mandy Schlosser of the University hospital of Jena, says: “The Crossover donation is in Euro, the TRANS-space is a well-established procedure, on the basis of the German transplantation act, however, is not possible. German patients are discriminated against and their fundamental right to physical integrity is curtailed. It is not just a patient, a therapy to withhold, the has a significantly better Survival, and it is the long dialysis to suspend when there are Alternatives.“

In Germany, the taboo, our neighbors allowed

As in many EU countries, such as Austria, Holland or Spain. Since the pairs of the donor and the recipient via a computer program associated with the matching pairs together. The couples get to know each other, but never their bodies are anonymous “replaced”, all under the Supervision of the authorities.

A family from Wolfsburg has experienced the Crossover kidney transplantation in the year 2015. Since the Childhood kidney disease, the daughter of Susanne riding the wall, too, had not repelled the first transplantation of a kidney to her father, the mother, came out as the donor in question, but an aunt. After all the preparations were taken in one day in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona three healthy kidneys, on the cross through Spain and transported to the appropriate receiver in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville to be implanted. Simone Reitmaier has endured the surgery and the happiness that your statutory health insurance has paid for the Operation. Your mother fights since then, in an Amendment to the German transplant act, which makes an anonymous Crossover donation impossible. Until that happens, that will be paid for the interventions in EU member States, at least, of all insurance companies.

The insurance company denied the cost of acquisition

Of course, this is not. The Ernst family will be denied the cost of acquisition with regard to the transplantation act §8, Abs.1, sentence 2, which limited the organ donation to relatives and close people. “But I’m donating my kidney but actually my son, no matter who gets it. So he gets, in turn, a functioning Organ.“ private Angela Ernst of Suhl in Thürigen would like to donate a kidney – in the Crossover procedure

The insurer, the technician health insurance (TK), one has to understand the Concerns of a mother. But it says also: “The transplant law (TPG) controls must be obvious, that the Involved donations, live … in a special personal bond. The cost of acquisition for anonymous donations is not permitted.“

Transplant costs a fraction of a long dialysis

This Argument also does not want to accept the Jena kidney expert locksmith simply: “We write so many reports and we are with our patients on a regular basis to therapy to enforce decisions in the case of the health insurance companies financially. Our clinic stays annually on a six-digit amount is not sitting, because the insurance companies cover the cost for reasonable and patient therapies.“

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Although the doctors from the transplant center support at the University hospital Jena of the intervention, and although hospitals in the Netherlands and Austria, the mother and the son in their Reciprocal transplant lists wanted, it was in Barcelona and even a potential donor, it can go before the cost of the health insurance takeover. “Self-financing is at just under 50,000 euros, which I have. The Fund would only have to pay a case fee of 35,000 euros.“ The cost of dialysis in a single year.

Decision of the Medical service of the health insurance meets

What Angela Ernst particularly outraged that a single officer “de facto is a matter of life and death.” He does not reject applications, and contradictions. Medical documents and an important opinion of the transplantation centre of Jena, he had leads not to an approval body.

The TK says on request by FOCUS Online, that you can give to people only after their written consent information, because the protection of social data, is a top priority. And: “power decisions are made layers of TK-employees on the basis of the existing Law. When it comes to medical decisions and assessments that will instructs the Medical service of the sickness funds, on the advice of the staff. The TK wants to and can make such decisions.“

Finally, the matter is not yet completed, but Angela Seriously has no patience: “I’m completely desperate. My son is only 31. And I have to watch how he’s getting worse, though I could help him.“