8 Sex Positions That Will Hit Your G-Spot Every Time

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In the world of orgasms (sounds like a great place, huh?), if a woman’s best friend is the clitoris, then the G-spot is that friend who comes to town less often—but makes for a freakin’ unforgettable night when she’s here.

Essentially, the G-spot orgasm is less reliable, but it’s oh-so-good when it shows up.

FYI: Your G-spot is actually part of the whole structure of your clitoris, which extends three to five inches inside you along the vaginal canal. (Get your full lesson in female anatomy here.)

Le Wand Vibrator


While everyone’s G-spot is in a different, um, spot, it’s usually located about two to three inches inside your vagina along the front wall, says Sari Cooper, certified sex therapist, and director of the Center for Love and Sex in New York City. Since blood flow to the area causes it to swell, the more aroused you are the easier it is to find. (As if you needed another excuse for some steamier, longer foreplay.)

“Not every woman will have a G-spot orgasm, and that’s totally normal,” says Cooper.

But hey, there’s no harm in trying. So conduct your own personal research tonight with these sexy moves that target your G-spot. Worst case, your consolation prize is a night of super hot sex. Um, yeah, not a bad backup.

Soft Serve

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How to do it: Get into the spooning position with him as the big spoon. Bring your knees up slightly and have him enter you from behind.

Why it works: This position provides the perfect angle for his penis to reach that front wall where your G-spot is, says Cooper. Have him aim for that, she says. You can also lean forward more and push yourself back into him to get there, she says. Want to double the fun? This position also allows for easy clit access, so use your hands or a vibe to have a clitoral orgasm first—that blood flow will cause the G-spot to swell, making it larger and easier to reach for a second big O.

Girl On Fire


How to do it: Think of this as a modified cowgirl. Have your partner lie flat on his back, and then lie on top of him, rather than sit straight up.

Why it works: This position is great for stimulating your G-spot (and clit) for an incredible orgasm. Try rotating your hips until you find that sweet spot.

Open Sesame

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Lie on your left side as he straddles your left leg. Curl your right leg around his waist.

Why it works: You’re more relaxed in this position, so he controls the action, says Cooper. That way you can focus on guiding him to thrust toward your G-spot.

Pop the Trunk

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Lie on your belly with your legs straight and your hips raised (throw a pillow or two underneath you if you need to). Have him penetrate you from behind.

Why it works: This version of doggy style offers a better angle to reach that front wall, says Cooper. And even though he’s in charge of the movement here, you can adjust the angle by raising your hips higher or lower.

Close Encounters


How to do it: This one is very similar to spoon, but reversed. Lie down on your sides facing each other, and get in a comfortable position.

Why it works: This position has all the perks of spoon, but with more face time. Plus, by using shallow thrusts, your partner has a good chance of reaching your G-spot. And you can grind your clit against his pelvis, making for that coveted blended orgasm.

Love On Top

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Straddle him and bend back slightly while holding onto his thighs.

Why it works: This one’s a triple pleasure whammy. First, keeping your lower back arched in this position will help keep his penis angled toward the front wall as you move. Second, you’re in charge. You can move as you see fit to make that G-spot O happen. Hold onto his thighs to support yourself as you move.

Bottoms Up


How to do it: Get on your forearms, with your butt in the air. Have your partner kneel behind you and penetrate from behind.

Why it works: This position makes for deep penetration, and is the perfect angle to target your G-spot. Bonus: From this position, he can also stimulate your breasts or your clit to amp up your arousal, which increases blood flow to your G-spot.

Get It Right, Get It Tight

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Lie on your back and lift your legs up so that they’re resting on his shoulders.

Why it works: Having your legs up offers a wider opening for him to thrust harder, says Cooper. Plus, kneeling gives him more balance so he can hit the hot spot (guide him verbally) with every thrust.

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