Five tips on how to beat bronchitis

Bronchitis gives us a lot of unpleasant moments. Partly – due to painful symptoms, partly – due to the fact that the treatment is often delayed by almost a month. How can I speed recovery?
1. More warm drink. Rose hip tea, with viburnum or dried raspberry, with a bit of honey and honey, will help with expectoration and help in the fight against the virus. Non-carbonated mineral water will create an alkaline environment, which is unfavorable for microbes, will help to remove toxins from the body, which were formed as a result of their vital activity, and decomposition products of drugs.
2. In the acute period of the disease of all dishes, give preference to chicken broth. Doctors conducted a study that showed that chicken broth has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, soothes pain and makes breathing easier.
3. Even if you do not feel better during your illness, do not lie in bed for a long time. When lying down for a long time, the lungs and bronchi are less ventilated, sputum can stagnate in them, and this is an excellent “nursery” for propagating microbes. It is better to leisurely stroll in the fresh air.
4. Inflate balloons. This is a great way to not only cheer up, but also to ventilate the lungs, in order to avoid stagnation, which can often accompany bronchitis.
5. Replenish the diet with vitamins, especially vitamin C – it is indispensable in the treatment of colds and inflammations. Citrus fruits, kiwi, grapefruits, currants and wild rose, onions and garlic, vegetable salads with olive oil will help you fight the disease much more effectively.