Experts Reveal the Secret to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills!

Most people fear public speaking. For some reason, we feel our feet rooted to the ground while our hands shaking the moment we step on the stage and all attention is on us. Our throat goes dry, and we suddenly feel out of words or we’re already experiencing a mental block even before we speak.

We’re afraid we’ll end up saying something ridiculous and we’ll be scrutinized in front of the crowd. How can we overcome our fear in public speaking and boost our confidence when it comes in interpersonal communication? The renowned public speakers share some tips to help you find your voice and reach out to the crowd with ease.

Have a Clear Message.

According to public speakers, most people fear public speaking because they’re afraid to get scrutinized or criticized in front of the crowd. While this fear is understandable, you need to realize you’re speaking in the first place because you have a story to share. You have an important message to relay to the people. Instead of focusing on you, the public speakers recommend you shift your focus into delivering your message.

Speak out to relay the message you want to give to the audience. The message you deliver is more important than the fear you feel.

Do not be afraid of criticisms either since it helps to improve yourself as well as your communication skills. Remember that public speaking isn’t about bragging about your brilliance or making yourself right or wrong, it’s about relaying an important message to make things better. Once you’ve focused on your goal, it can overcome the fear you feel inside. If you haven’t already, try grasping the core message of your speech and focus on delivering it.

Get Straight to the Point

Instead of preparing long pages of scripts to tell to the audience, keep it simple by breaking down your message into important points and section. Remember most people only have a little attention span.

So, it’s important you get straight to the point and stick to relaying your message throughout the duration of your speech. Keep your speech or speaking session as short and concise as much as possible. At the end of the day, you’ll know if your public speaking is effective if the people who listened to you will start taking actions to realize the messages you relay to them.

Share Inspiring Stories

If possible, invite people to share their stories that will serve as your proof or testimonial of the message you want to relay. The audience can also engage in inspiring talks with them.

Whether you’re presenting to pitch your idea to a potential client or just sharing some tips to your teammates, it’s important to share inspiring and thought-provoking stories to the audience. Most people won’t remember the statistics or numbers you said during your presentation. Instead, they will remember the relevant and significant stories you shared with them. You can also infuse it with humor where appropriate to make your session lively and energetic.

Be Authentic

Before the audience decide whether or not to believe what you say, they decide first what they think of you. So it’s important to make a good impression of yourself. Suffice to say you don’t need to put up with fake smiles just to please the audience. Instead, be authentic in sharing your messages and thoughts. They don’t expect you to be flawless and perfect. They’re not interested in hearing about your success.

The audience does not want to connect with a company, logo, or brand. They seek to connect with humans, the people behind the organization’s success.

Rather, they’re interested in knowing how you achieve success. They’re interested to know the human in you, of how you overcome your flaws, imperfections, and hurdles you carry to become successful. Do not hesitate to share your journey, your mishaps, disappointments to the crowd but make sure to highlight the lessons you learned along with it.

The lessons and tips they will get from listening to your speech serve as their guidance as they embark on their individual journey to reach success.

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