Woman swears by 69p Aldi tea for giving her ‘best sleep’ she’s had in long time

When it comes to a bad night's sleep, we've all been there.

No matter how busy you've been in a day, nothing can seem to help you snooze when it comes to bedtime.

Luckily there are plenty of remedies to incorporate which encourage a better night's sleep.

Now one woman has revealed how drinking herbal tea has helped her to nod off quicker.

The female tried Aldi's Diplomat Night Time Tea and when she woke up, she was thrilled by how well she'd slept.

Posting on Facebook in the Aldi UK shoppers group, she said: "Best night's sleep I've had in ages after this sleep tea."

But the woman wasn't the only one to sing its praises as others left promising reviews on her post.

One wrote: "I've been taking the sleep one since 2 days ago and honestly it works better than sleeping pills.

"Also it works on my anxiety levels so I drink a cup here and then during the day… and the taste is lovely too!"

Another wrote: "I use the Twinnings one but will definitely be swapping to these saving £1 a box. Thanks for sharing."

However, not everyone was convinced by its sleep benefits as one claimed it left her tired the next morning.

The user wrote: "So I had this last night thinking it was going to be a miracle cure for my restless nights!

"Not sure if I was fighting against it trying to prove it wrong or what. But I had the worst night ever!"

The tea is flavoured with chamomile which is thought to have calming properties.

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Supermarket giant Aldi has warned anyone suffering from hypertension should avoid the tea as it contains liquorice.

To enjoy the tea, simply pour freshly boiled water and leave for three minutes to brew.

But the woman says to enjoy the full benefits, you should use two teabags.

You can pick up a box of teabags which contain 20 for just 69p in the German superstore.

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