Whitney Way Thore Slams Body Shaming Commenter Who Criticized Her for Working Out in a Sports Bra

Whitney Way Thore is killing it in the gym these days — but she’s still dealing with ignorant comments from body shamers.

The 34-year-old star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life clapped back at a follower who questioned her decision to work out in a sports bra, after Thore posted a video of her jump rope workout.

“Why no shirt? I just can’t understand the bra top only,” the commenter wrote, and added an annoyed-looking emoji.

Thore quickly went into action, and politely explained to them that her body is her own business.

“1) Fewer articles of clothing are more comfortable. 2) Please don’t front like you’d have this complaint if I had a 6-pack. 3) I will take any and all opportunities to normalize fat bodies in motion. 4) it’s my body, boo. You ain’t gotta understand it,” the TLC star replied.

Thore has been all about her CrossFit-style workouts lately, from jump rope sessions to nailing her clean and jerk and out-deadlifting her dad. But sharing videos of her frequent workouts led to “accusatory” comments from people asking why she isn’t losing weight.

She called out these comments in April, telling people that it’s impossible to get the “full picture” of her life, and to keep in mind that she has health issues — like polycystic ovary syndrome and a history of disordered eating — that keep her from losing weight.

“Recently I’ve gotten a lot of comments and DMs with an…accusatory nature, asking me questions like, ‘If you work out so much, why don’t you lose weight? What are you eating?’ and things like…’If you’re going to post workouts and not meals, that isn’t fair; we’re not getting the full picture,’ ” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Thore gave a background of her health history, and told her followers that, like everyone, she’s doing the best she can.

“Where I am today is a woman who, just like you, is trying to be balanced, who is trying to be healthy (also mentally and emotionally), and who is just…doing her best. That’s it,” she said.

Thore also told PEOPLE Now in March that she started working out again for herself, after moving past concerns about how people would react.

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“I think when you really realize that if you don’t take the risks and if you don’t do what you desire, the only person who loses is you,” she said. “I just want people who are struggling with shame to realize that we really do have one life and we are responsible for living our lives no matter what other people think. I hate to see people waste their time, because I feel like I wasted a lot of mine.”

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