Turns Out Botox Can Totally Kill Your Sex Life

In some slightly upsetting news, it turns out that getting Botox could affect The Big O – or stop it from happening altogether.

Researchers from the University of Cardiff have found that women with Botox were less likely to reach orgasm, or experience an orgasm to their fullest satisfaction, and it’s all because of the inability to express yourself.

Botox injections paralyse the nerves in your face, smoothing out your skin to appear more ageless whilst simultaneously making it hard to pull certain facial expressions.

The researchers believe there is a direct link between facial expression and your ability to enjoy an orgasm. When you’re reaching a climax, your facial expression will most likely reflect it (think Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally) but women with Botox are unable to express their pleasure as freely.

There have been scientific links made between your brain predicating your mood based on your facial expressions, such as the common theory that if you’re having a bad day and force yourself to smile your mood will improve.  

Which is why if you’re having sex and not pulling the relevant facial expression of enjoyment, your brain will conclude that you’re not actually having fun, which is why it might affect your orgasm.

The price one pays for beauty just got higher.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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