This Will Revolutionise The Way You Clean Your Blender

The humble blender can cop quite a beating when you take into consideration all those smoothies, juices, purees and soups it produces.

Yet, despite our diligence in washing this handy appliance sometimes I can still look scummy.

After chatting about this with a friend recently (because riveting discussions about household appliances can only be had with good friends), she suggested a ridiculously simple way to get my blender looking clean and clear and assured me that the method can be used on a variety of blenders.

If you clean your blender after each use, but aren’t satisfied with the result, fear not! This could be the solution you have been looking for.

It’s highly likely that the stains in your blender — like mine — aren’t because of poor cleaning but because of the build-up of hard water. What cuts away at hard water most efficiently? A lemon, of course!

When you have sipped the last of your spirulina superfood smoothie, grab your blender and fill it halfway with warm water. Add a drop of regular household dishwashing liquid, and a roughly chopped lemon. Blitz this mix in the machine for about a minute. When you remove the lid and tip our the contents of your blender you’ll not only be hit with a delightfully citrus fragrance, but you’ll see just how sparkling your blender looks.

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