They followed a Tradition: Couple eats marmots raw, a little later, you are dead

According to a Mongolian Tradition, a Russian couple on holiday wanted to strengthen its defenses by eating raw meat and offal of marmots. In the end they paid with their lives. Probably both died of the bubonic plague, you by eating infected. The town of Ölgii, on the Russian border is in quarantine.

It is particularly tragic that parents, in anticipation of another child, four children aged between two and 13 years as an orphan. The newspaper “the Siberian Times” reported. After the consumption of the raw meat and the Groundhog-kidneys are the two ill, declared the authorities.

The use of force in Ölgii are on alert. Up to 21 days could last the quarantine. First, it must be ensured, with how many people the couple came in contact. Currently, it is assumed that a total of 158 persons. Also German tourists are among those who will now have to wait to the end of the quarantine.

Dead within a day

The bubonic plague, for example, by bites of fleas transmitted on rodents such as marmots. The plague can kill, according to the world health organization (WHO) within 24 hours of an adult if not treated in time.