The sick man of the Orinoco – disease danger in Venezuela

Venezuela is not only the deep economic and political crisis – now is the acute danger of infections diseases, expand.

Infectious diseases are on the rise

The public health system has disintegrated, countless Doctors are not fled the country, former preventive programs against diseases exist. Insect-spread tropical diseases explode: Malaria, dengue fever and Zikavirus infections.

Venezeula was once the pioneer in South America in the fight against Malaria. Now you can spread uninhibited again. The reason is that The public health system has collapsed. (Image: mycteria/

Malaria infection more than ten-fold

In 2010, 30,000 of Venezuelans sick of Malaria, 2017 there were 411.000. Scientists were, that the Malaria could soon no longer control.

Cause: disintegration of state structures

Reasons for the Spread of Malaria, the lack of medicines and insufficient to combat the mosquitoes that transmit the pathogens – this is due to the fact that the national health service has collapsed.

By the doctor of the South, to the sick man on the Orinoco

Venezuela was regarded in the 1960s as a Superstar in the fight against Malaria. In 1961, the disease was wiped out in many Parts of the country. But now, Hyperinflation and lack of foreign exchange, and in particular: food as well as medicine and hygiene products.

Doctors protests

Today, medical protest inside and the Doctors against the government of Nicolás Maduro. The denied humanitarian Organisations to enter the country, while the hospitals have no drugs. In the process, medicine for the sick population is available directly at the border. Maduro claimed to be but, behind it, a military Intervention was hiding.

Not even chlorine

In the clinics only drugs. Even chlorine to clean the hospitals, is not available. In the hospitals the Sick to be stuck with other diseases.

Problem for South America

The infections do not remain in Venezuela. In order to escape the disaster, left in 2018, daily, 5,500 people in the country, especially in neighboring countries, such as Brazil and Colombia. And in the neighbouring state of Roraima, the malaria doubled in the same cases.

Clientelism and kleptocracy

Venezuela has the largest Oil reserves in the world, and is therefore actually one of the richest countries. But it drowns in his Oil and starved of his riches. The Oil wealth led to an Clientelism and rent-seeking economy, in which the rulers showered her supporters with perks, while in the country’s interior, barely paved roads existed.

In The Abyss

The “Bolivarian movement” that brought Hugo Chávez to Power, and so also, indirectly, the kleptocrats Maduro, took to change the blatant social injustice. But today it is worse than ever, and in this present Land of dying children to diseases that would not have to give it a long time ago. Medicine from the rain forest would be a huge resource, now, however, the tropical forest is a danger – as a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)