The one thing you shouldn’t bring to the hospital during delivery

Having a baby is so darn complicated! And we’re not even talking about all the months (or even years) that go into planning, conceiving, and carrying said baby, but only of the last minute, right-down-to-the-wire logistical details. You know you’ll be going to the hospital, but you don’t know exactly when, and you’re never quite sure how long your stay is going to be. Nor do you necessarily know exactly what is going to be happening to you there — even if you’re a veteran mommy with six kids at home — since every delivery is different.

What is abundantly clear from all the well-meaning advice offered by friends, relatives, and the entire internet, is that you’re evidently supposed to bring an entire boatload of gear along with you in your pre-packed hospital bag, which you can just grab and go as soon as your water breaks — assuming you don’t need a crane to lift the darn thing. All your insurance paperwork, your phone charger, your laptop or tablet, your Kindle, clothes for you, clothes for baby, toiletries (don’t forget the lip balm!), and oh yes, you just might want to throw in the kitchen sink as well, just in case. Well, the good news is, there’s one thing that you do not need to bring with you. Seeing as it’s a pretty bulky item, it will leave more room in your bag (in case you want to bring the refrigerator, too): blankets. Don’t bring blankets.

Why you won't need any blankets

Yes, babies need blankies, and you were probably gifted with at least half a dozen cute ones at your baby shower, not to mention that gorgeous hand-embroidered heirloom that’s been in your family since great aunt Lavinia’s christening. (Perhaps you might consider naming the baby after her? Vintage baby names are pretty adorable.) The thing is, as Moms points out, newborns come out all messy and covered with goo, so the hospital immediately wraps them up in nice, thick, stripy, and oh-so-washable blankets. There will be an ample supply of these blankets as long as baby’s in the hospital, and they may even let you take a few home, so save your nice new blankets for later.

Oh, and if you were thinking that you might get chilly so you’ll need to bring a blanket for yourself? You won’t. Romper says the hospital will provide you with as many big adult-sized blankets as you need, too, although you might not get to take these home with you. Which is too bad, since some of the hospital blankets are heated, and they’re just so nice and warm. And, after all, your insurance company did fork over about $500 for that Tylenol they gave you. But, no, these blankets will be needed for other patients, so no swiping. Still, as long as you occupy a hospital bed, they’re all yours, so there’s no need to pack any blankets at all for either you or baby.

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