The Lifestyle Trend That Will Give You An Excuse To Do Absolutely Nothing

You went hard on Hygge, loved Lagom and made mindfulness your mantra. But prepare yourself, coz there’s officially a new lifestyle trend sweeping social media.

Fjaka (pronounced fyaka), is a state of mind that occurs when you embrace the joy of doing sweet FA. In short, it means ridding yourself of any distractions, forgetting about your obligations and maxing your self-care. 

“It’s all about slowing down to a total standstill, ditching TV, exercise, your to-do list so you can just stop doing,” explains Metro UK.

Of course, it would be pretty impossible to do this 24/7 (food needs eating, water needs drinking, bills need paying, etc.) But the art of “just being” is an important part of life, that we rarely schedule time for.

As the term was coined in Croatia – where the heat often stops residents from doing much other than relaxing and watching the world go by – it kinda makes sense. But here in Aus, the weather doesn’t provide us with the same excuse, which is why we should all make a conscious effort to prioritise the down time. 

“Indulging in Fjaka can do wonder for your mental health,” adds Metro UK. “Embracing doing nothing and focusing only on relaxation reduces stress.”

And the best part? There are no rules. You can do Fjaka alone, with friends, outside or indoors:

“Fjaka means aspiring for nothing, needing nothing, wanting nothing. It means completely content and relaxed just sitting or lying down with nothing else going on.”

Sign us up.   

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