The Bachelorette Ali Oetjen Shares Her Day On A Plate

We’ll see Ali Oetjen tread the red-rose-lined road to love when The Bachelorette Australia airs next month. But, what we won’t see? The long hours going on behind-the-scenes that meant Ali’s healthy habits were more valuable than ever.

“​I was very focused on only eating healthy food that would nourish and benefit my body while I put it through long days and nights [filming],” the 32-year-old tells Women’s Health.

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“I also needed all the fuel from good food to produce maximum amounts of focused energy. I stuck to it every single day and didn’t waiver. I always think ‘How am I going to feel after I’ve consumed this?’. I had an esky with all my healthy snacks in it!”

Um, sounds like the esky of dreams right there. We tapped up Ali for more of her food and fitness secrets. Ps. There’s an epic tapas board in there…

What’s your general attitude to wellness?

“My healthy lifestyle begins with having a healthy mind. It’s where strength and persistence come from to achieve my dreams, but most importantly, I enjoy my journey really wholeheartedly, with no fear. I live to be present in every moment and balance in every aspect of my life is important.”

Talk us through your day on a plate.

“In summer, ​breakfast is a green smoothie – a cup of spinach, a half-cup of frozen berries, one banana, 500ml water, a teaspoon each of spirulina, macha and green superfood powder. Then, in winter, I’ll have porridge made with a half-cup of oats, banana or blueberries, a quarter-cup of mixed nuts and seeds, and water.

Lunch is protein and vegetables (normally leftovers from the night before) and my favourite easy dinner is a stir-fry, using turkey, chicken or kangaroo, vegies I have in the fridge plus frozen vegies. Extra veg normally allows for extra leftovers!”

Do you have go-to energy boosters?

Vitamin B, coffee, a mandarin, a green smoothie and going for a nature walk.

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What would your dessert-island meal be?

“Entrée would be tapas with blue cheese arancini balls, ​crispy salt and pepper tofu, olives, chorizo and squid shasliks with a Vietnamese mango salsa. Main? A lamb roast made by mum and me, with homemade gravy from the pan. Dessert would be a rich, dense chocolate and caramel cake with all the sauces and crunch!”

You’re super active. Tell us what your typical week of workouts looks like.

​”Every morning is a 3km walk or run by the river. Then…

Monday – an hour of boxing and/or 1.5hr dance class

Tuesday – 45 minutes of cycling or full body-weight training

Wednesday – an hour-long run or HIT martial arts

Thursday – an hour of boxing

Friday – yoga

Saturday – 45 minutes of cycling or weights, then a hike in the afternoon.

Sunday – a run and yoga.”

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