The 9 best products from indie brands to help alleviate stress

Stress is something we all face and more often than not, looking for something to help. Here, we run through the best nine products from independent brands that are sure to make a difference. 

Stress. A feeling that, pandemic or no pandemic, is one that no one wants to endure. Herein starts the search for things to alleviate stress – even if it’s something small to add into your daily routine that isn’t laborious. Because, after all, sometimes it’s the tiniest adjustments that can make the biggest difference.

Taking the fuss out of your search, we bring you nine options hand-picked by team at The Drop by Stylist – our online marketplace which showcases amazing products from burgeoning indie brands across fashion, beauty, jewellery and homeware. 

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Whether it’s an easily disguisable aromatherapy-based fashion statement you’re looking to make, or you want something to make your shower a sanctuary every evening, these are the products you’ll want by your side.

Scroll down to find your next stress-reliever…

  • Scentered five minute acupressure foot mat & de-stress mindful aromatherapy balm

    The Drop: Scentered aromatherapy balm

    Our feet are pretty incredible. An impressive collection of 26 bones, 100 ligaments and 20 muscles in the feet means that activating acupressure points on your soles does wonders for the entire body. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to release blocked energy, this acupressure foot mat is a speedy self-care practice that cleverly supports wellbeing. Au revoir sore feet and high stress levels…

    Shop Scentered five minute acupressure foot mat & de-stress mindful aromatherapy balm at The Drop, £29.50

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  • Nightire Slumber Society scented candle

    The Drop: Nightire candle

    If soaking in relaxing baths or dousing yourself in essential oils isn’t your thing, there’s another way to get a hit of sleep-inducing scents. 

    Made of essential oils with lemon, cedar and frankincense and hand-poured in the UK with a burn time of 40 hours, this candle is our new bedtime never-be-without item. Plus, enjoy a 15% saving exclusively on The Drop. What’s not to love? Just make sure you blow it out long before your head hits the pillow. 

    Shop Nightire Slumber Society scented candle at The Drop, £25

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  • Elm Rd Sleep aromatherapy roll-on

    The Drop: Elm Rd aromatherapy roll on

    Apps. Digital sleep aids. Hi-tech masks. There’s so much on offer for those trying to nail down a sleep routine that’ll stick. There is one thing that’s been working for decades though: aromatherapy. Its healing powers lie in the blend, and Elm Rd’s sleep aromatherapy roll-on is our pick of the litter.

    A blend of calming lavender and chamomile mixed with warming vanilla and sandalwood, it’s a soothing concoction that’ll put anyone in the mood for a great night’s sleep. Simply roll onto wrists, neck or any other pulse point and breathe in.

    Shop Elm Rd Sleep aromatherapy roll-on at The Drop, £15

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  • Elan Skincare set of 6 aromatherapy shower steamers – energise & revive

    The Drop Elan Skincare: aromatherapy shower steamers

    If you’re feeling congested or are in need of a reinvigorating shower to kick your brain into gear, look no further than Elan Skincare’s set of six handmade, handpainted aromatherapy shower steamers. 

    Packed with four stimulating essential oils – plus menthol crystals extracted from organic mint oil – sprinkle the steamer with water at the start of your shower and get ready to inhale the refreshing scent it releases into the air. Consider your shower game officially upped.

    Shop Elan Skincare set of 6 aromatherapy shower steamers – energise & revive at The Drop, £9.98

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  • Sleep Goddess Slumber beauty sleep shower mist

    The Drop: Sleep Goddess Slumber shower sleep mist

    If you’ve dreamt about turning your night-time showers into a spa-level relaxing experience, prepare to be metaphorically lullabied. Created by the brand’s insomniac founder Laurelle, simply place a few scoops of the essential oil-packed powder in the corner of your shower and let its soothing scent fill the steamy air. With a saving of more than 15% off exclusively on The Drop, your dreams will be even better.

    Shop Sleep Goddess Slumber beauty sleep shower mist at The Drop, £13.99

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  • Kodes essential oil diffuser necklace

    The Drop: Kodes essential oil diffuser necklace

    When it comes to genius hybrids, combining aromatherapy with jewellery is up there with the best. London-based lifestyle label Kodes’ clever essential oil diffuser necklace means you can reap the benefits of self-care while elevating your accessories game. 

    Available in two colours, the handpainted wood and stone beaded necklace helps to alleviate stress and anxiety during social situations and important work meetings by absorbing soothing essential oils into the porous lava stone beads. Thanks to the chic, African-inspired design, nobody will guess that your necklace is actually helping your wellbeing.

    Take advantage of the two complimentary dōTERRA essential oils (Balance and Wild Orange) that come with each necklace or use a favourite from your own collection, according to your mood. 

    Shop Kodes essential oil diffuser necklace at The Drop, £19

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  • London Botanical Laboratories avocado & CBD 8-hour moisture fill sleeping mask

    The Drop: London Botanicals 8-hour moisture fill avocado sleeping mask

    Has winter weather stripped your skin of moisture? Try London Botanical Laboratories’ overnight face mask. This lightweight, creamy treatment contains anti-inflammatory CBD, nourishing avocado oil and ceramides, which support the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and defend against moisture loss.

    After your evening cleanse, simply apply a thin layer all over the face and let it work its rehydrating magic overnight. You’ll wake up to hydrated, softer skin – and who doesn’t want that?

    Shop London Botanical Laboratories avocado & CBD 8-hour moisture fill sleeping mask at The Drop, £16

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  • Eclat Skin London rose blossom glow hydro-gel eye pads

    The Drop: Eclat Skin London rose blossom glow hydro-gel eye Pads

    Eclat Skin London is offering a special price for The Drop by Stylist on its bestselling cult hydro-gel pads. Designed to awaken your under eyes and reduce visible signs of fatigue, the pads are filled with antioxidant-rich flower extract serum that feels cool on the skin and aims to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

    The pack contains five pairs of eye pads. Key ingredients include paeonia albiflora flower extractwhich has antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and rhodiola rosea root extract which research has shown can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply and take 15 minutes to escape the day.

    Shop Eclat Skin London rose blossom glow hydro-gel eye pads at The Drop, £10

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  • Made By Coopers Sleepy Head room & pillow mist

    The Drop: Made by Coopers room and pillow spray

    If you’re not already spritzing a calming aromatherapy-based scent around the bedroom or on your pillow just before bed, you don’t know what you’re missing. Sussex-based beauty brand Made By Coopers know all about this, with the founders Clare and Dan having travelled across India to discover all they could about Ayurveda and the power of scent.

    Their bestselling room and pillow sleep spray includes a concoction of de-stressing aromas including organic lavender, chamomile and frankincense. Just spray two to five times evenly around your room, on pillows and linen and you’re in for a great night’s sleep.

    Shop Made By Coopers Sleepy Head room & pillow mist at The Drop, £17.50

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