The 5 best Tricks for a firm décolleté

These Tricks are suitable for a firm décolleté

The temperatures are rising, spring is here. With the Winter we say goodbye to our roll collar jumper in a well-deserved break. Finally, we can show without having to shiver again skin. That is to say: in addition to the wardrobe of the Beauty wants to become a Routine spring made to fit. Pedicure for the feet, depilatory for legs – that is clear. However, what is much too often neglected: the décolleté. We will reveal the 5 best-care-Tricks for a tight breast. Best of all, anyone Who followed our advice, has done the décolleté care, in the truest sense of the word, almost in your sleep.

1. Special Care

Clearly, the proper care and Because the delicate skin on the décolleté is very thin and therefore needs special care, since they dry out quickly. The moisture depots to replenish, especially an active ingredient is indispensable: hyaluronic acid. Particularly effective is the miracle cure, in combination with medical grade silicone. Special silicone Pads be glued easily and take effect over night. While the silicone pad is in contact with the first layer of skin, can be absorbed, the active ingredient combination is optimal, and in the deep layers of the skin to be transported. Thus, the collagen production gets up to speed and we Wake up already after the first application with a visibly tighter result. Sounds like a dream? In the case of the hyaluronic acid Pads of Apricot beauty & healthcare comes true. The effective wrinkle reduction has been confirmed in clinical studies officially. You can order the Apricot Pads. A Pad of Apricot Beauty can be applied up to 30 Times.

2. Sun protection

Even if we maintain overnight, the skin on the décolleté is extremely delicate and needs, also during the day special attention. Because the main cause of bad wrinkles and pigment spots are blasting aggressive sun. At least SPF 30, even better, 50 is to prevent a duty of aging. For a delicate tan prefer to use self-Tanner. In the case of dresses with a plunging neckline specifically sets placed Bronze powder with shimmer particles, the Breasts in the scene.

3. The correct sleeping position

Sleep on loved one on the back and have a flat pillow? Wonderful, only your spine will not be happy, also your cleavage do you a great Favor. You are a belly sleeper, you should reconsider your favorite position even better. Because of the pressure of the body weight on the Breasts and charged, it can damage the tissue long-term. For side sleepers caution: a raised position, can contribute to unsightly wrinkles. Dear so pillow number two, three and four from the bed to banish and nourishing hyaluronic acid Pads such as, for example, of Apricot beauty & healthcare in the Heia.

4. Targeted Workout

Alone in your sleep it doesn’t work with the dream figure, we must accept the fact Willy-nilly. It strengthens – or rather woman – the large and small chest muscle with regular exercise, is raised to the chest and tightened. The good news: most Likely, you bring your chest muscles are already in shape without realizing it. Because each Workout will build up the Arm muscles, the breast with. Particularly effective Exercises for home support and chest sun presses. If you prefer sports, swimming is the best on the Breast or powering the kick Boxing, but never the sports bra forget. Jerky bumps and jumps the delicate breast tissues weaken.

5. The right bra

Not only the sports bra, the following applies: eyes on the Laundry purchase! The bra must fit perfectly. He is too small, is concentrated in the breast tissue due to the incorrectly-placed strap or small baskets, and over-stretched. Wearing over extended periods of time too large a bra, gets the breast too little Grip and loses strength. Take special care with the so – in the truest sense of the word – a lot of the Push-up Bras promise. Often the Breasts are through upholstery, cushions & Co. pressed together so strongly that unsightly wrinkles. To cheat is much to be preferred, if at all, only on special occasions, in Grand style.