Sugar does not make you happy, But the mood is getting worse!

The myth of “sugar rush” sugar does not make you happy, but tired

That sugar is not the healthy food, is probably the most people known. But he should at least make you happy. This assumption is wrong. A study has shown that sugar improves mood, but for the worse. In addition, it provides for fatigue and reduced attention.

Unhealthy Sugar Consumption

Health experts have repeatedly pointed out how unhealthy high sugar consumption. Anyone who takes a lot of the Sweetener, has diseases a higher risk for tooth decay, Obesity, Diabetes and cardiovascular. However, most people indulge in from time to time sweet Treats such as chocolate or cake. Finally, this “nervous to do food” yeah happy. But this is not true at all: sugar, the mood is getting worse instead of improving them. This was the result of a study in the journal “Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews“ was published.

No improvement in mood

Sugar does not improve the mood and can make people after his consumption, less attentive and more tired. This was the result of a study by scientists from the UK and Germany.

According to a statement, the researchers investigated on the basis of data from 31 published studies, with almost 1,300 adults, the effects of sugar on various aspects of mood, including anger, alertness, Depression and fatigue.

The scientists from the Lancaster University, the University of Warwick (both UK) and the Humboldt-University of Berlin, noted:

  • The consumption of sugar has almost no influence on the mood, regardless of how much sugar is consumed or whether the people exercise the use of challenging activities.
  • People who consumed sugar, felt more tired and less awake than those who did not.
  • The idea of a “sugar rush” is a myth without any truth behind it.

Assumptions are not used

“We hope that our findings will help to dispel the myth of the “sugar rush” and public measures to reduce sugar consumption encourage,” said Professor Elizabeth Maylor of the University of Warwick.

“The idea that sugar can improve mood, is so widespread that people around the world take sugar-containing drinks, in order to be more attentive or to fight fatigue,” says study leader Dr. Konstantinos Mantantzis of the Humboldt-University of Berlin.

“Our results show very clearly that such assumptions are not used – if anything, it makes sugar probably, we feel worse,“ said the expert.

Dr Sandra Sünram-Lea from the University of Lancaster added:

“The rise of obesity, Diabetes, and metabolic syndrome in the last years shows the need for evidence-based nutrition strategies to promote a healthy way of life over the entire life span.”

And: “Our results show that sugary drinks or Snacks does not allow for a quick “Refill fuel”, to make us feel more alert.” (ad)