Study Reveals Most Annoying Work Habits

Whether it’s that colleague who constantly steals your lunch or the coworker who blasts Christmas carols in mid-November – there’s are some habits that make the office environment borderline unbearable.

Now, a new study out of the US has determined the behaviour that bugs people the most. Researchers at Olivet Nazarene University surveyed 2,000 people and found that 48% people hated loudness and complaining the most, followed by 31% who said that gossiping and bullying was the worst.

A further 12% admitted that their colleagues’ bathroom or eating habits topped the list of most irritating etiquette and 6% said that email and meeting habits got their goat.

And we’re no door mats. When it comes to confronting bad behaviour, 78% of respondents claimed they were all for it – either through another coworker (47%), directly (30%), or through a boss or supervisor (18%).

Of those who have been told off for their poor practices, 65% were men and 35% were women. But unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, 70% of people said that calling out their colleagues didn’t result in change.

The study even narrowed down the names of those most likely to piss people off in the office, Sarah topped the list of ladies followed by Jessica and Lisa. Amongst blokes, keep an eye out for Johns, they came in number one, followed by Mike and Mark. 

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