Study: Effective cancer screening with colorectal cancer screening test for the home

So easy colon cancer can be Prevention

An American research team recommends a new method for the early detection of colorectal cancer. The Test can be performed easily in your home and it requires neither a medical examination nor a colonoscopy, many people press like. On the basis of a simple stool sample using the Tests, a colorectal cancer can be detected disease, with 80 percent probability, shows a recent study.

Researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine developed a new test procedure for the early detection of colorectal cancer. Instead of an unpleasant colonoscopy, an analysis of the chair is to be carried out in a sample that everyone can refer to at home. The new colorectal cancer screening test has already been tested in over 120,000 Participants. The results were recently presented in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”.

Four out of five colon tumors are detected

In the so-called FIT-Test the Affected to remove home a sample of your stool and send them to a lab. The faeces are examined for hidden blood – a sign of bowel cancer. The test results were already reviewed in the event of over 120,000 Participants. In four out of five cases, the self-test successfully detects a colorectal cancer disease. So he is close to the detection rate of a colonoscopy, which is about 95 percent.

New Test saves money, time and nerves

“Our analysis shows that the FIT is a good method for the early detection of colorectal cancer in an average risk is,” says gastroenterologist Thomas Imperiale, the first author of the study, in a press release of the study results. The Test is suitable very good to him in the context of a screening programme for adults, which show no noticeable symptoms such as blood in the stool. The sample could be performed once a year and replace the bowel cancer Screening. This is also saving money for the health system, as well as time and nerves in the patients.

Which people should pay more attention to colorectal cancer?

According to the researchers, the risk for colon cancer increases after the age of 50. Years of age on an average level. So far, the colonoscopy is considered the Standard for colon cancer Screening. With the new Test, any Person could submit more than 50 years, a year, a sample would have to pull only a colonoscopy if the Test is positive.

Ill claim to the Test members aged 50 annually

According to the early cancer detection guideline medical to claim on the implementation of such stool tests insured persons in Germany aged 50 years and above once a year. The FIT-Test (iFOB Test) can be obtained from the doctor and done at home. The costs are covered by health insurance. The Insured will then receive a small tube. The sampling swab is repeatedly dipped in the chair. Then the tube is sealed again, and within a day back to the doctor filed. (vb)