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What are the measures of the deaths prevented by COVID-19?

Earlier action could have the effect of a reduction in hospital admissions and deaths from COVID-19. A new report summarizes how the disease earlier diagnosed and treated can be.

A new article from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is the development of hospital admissions and deaths due to COVID-19 reduce. The results were published in the English journal “the Open Forum Infectious Diseases”.

Improved diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19?

The researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center play a leading role in the international scientific response to the pandemic. Keep track of the spread of the Coronavirus, develop diagnostic Tests, design of vaccine trials, and working to prevent future outbreaks. The new article focuses on how early diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 can be made possible.

How can the treatment of COVID-19 optimize?

The research group tried, in its report to outline which strategy is necessary to diagnose COVID-19 and treat before the disease becomes uncontrollable. In order to detect the disease faster and treat it, should be Tests done at home with nasal self-swab. In addition, smaller studies should be pursued, what are the metrics and symptoms to measure the disease progress, investigate, report the researchers.

COVID-19: treatment should be done at home


There are safe ways to treat the COVID be needed-19-to be Concerned in the own four walls. The care and treatment should also apply to minorities and underserved communities to be disproportionately affected by the illness seem to, advises the Team.

How can COVID-19 optimally treat?

Without a vaccine, the best way for the treatment of COVID-19 is early diagnosis and treatment. So the people affected can be kept out of hospitals where they inherit may COVID-19 passing and also of other people at risk.

Similar strategies have already been successful


Similar strategies have already been used for other infectious diseases such as HIV, Ebola and Influenza, which makes the transfer rates and the mortality could be significantly reduced. The researchers assume that such measures could also result in COVID-19 to the same benefits.

Weaknesses of previous studies

Most of the clinical studies in connection with COVID-19 evaluate therapies for diseased individuals who are already being treated in the hospital. In view of the fact that the Median between the onset of symptoms and the need for a hospital stay is a week, missing an important opportunity for early Intervention, says the research group. (as)

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