Smarter Healthcare Initiative aims to unlock potential for Switzerland

The Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS) association from Zurich has now launched the Smarter Healthcare project. The project hopes to promote and develop young healthcare startups in Switzerland with the goal of full potential development for the Swiss healthcare sector.

Smarter Healthcare will be financed for three years by the Migros Group from April this year. As part of the project, networking events will now take place on a regular basis in order to identify, network and specifically promote promising startups and innovators.


The Swiss health care system is not progressive enough, said Gieri Cathomas, president of Swiss Healthcare Startups. Skepticism of the medical profession in innovative questions, outdated processes and structures as well as lack of communication between the actors of the Swiss health care system are a problem and should therefore be taken into account in the framework of the pioneering project.

In order to solve the blockages in the health care system, Swiss Healthcare Startups intends to better integrate innovation-driven startups in particular. Depending on their marketability, the individual companies should be networked and promoted nationally or even internationally. The Smarter Healthcare Initiative is led by entrepreneurs, influencers and health IT executives.

“It is important to identify and promote digital innovation in the health sector nationwide,” said Cathomas. “The Swiss health care system needs a neutral, broadly networked and non-interest-based actor.”


Already, the minds behind Smarter Healthcare have developed a digital startup map for Switzerland and planned several analog networking events. In this way, optimal conditions for innovators should be created.

Swiss Healthcare Startups is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and accelerating young companies and projects in the fields of digital health, new healthcare models, medical technology and patient-driven medical devices.

The Engagement Migros promotional fund combines classic financing for young companies with coaching in the pioneer lab.

Anna Engberg is a Wiesbaden-based freelance journalist specialising in health and technology

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