Slimming: thanks to these five food the dangerous cravings leave

Diet: The 5 best food cravings

The German nutrition society (DGE) sounds the Alarm: more and more Germans are overweight. According to a recent survey, 59% of men and 37% of the women suffer from Obesity. Consequently, the risk of serious disease such as type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart attack increases. Every second person Affected by would like to lose weight. But most of them fail due to veritable food cravings, and persistent Hunger. These 5 foods can curb Hunger and losing weight easier.

With the irrepressible urge for Sweet, Salty or Fatty, the body wants to point us in the rule very strongly a lack of nutrients. To attempt such an attack to endure is a bad idea: It only works rarely, and suggests the well-being. We are irritable and tired. Often, Hunger soon after a meal simply because. This must not be! Because even though we have on some days more hungry than Others: Certain foods make you simply satisfied longer. We introduce to you the 5 most effective snacks that can help you healthy to lose weight.

1. Eggs

The Egg is not without reason, the absolute number One of the healthy snacks! The properties of a hen’s Egg are ideal for weight loss: It is rich in nutrients, low in calories and comprises of all the foods with the highest biological value, so the greatest efficiency of conversion of dietary protein into body protein.

This is also the good performance in the saturation index results. 240 Egg the kilo calories to keep one and a half times as long with the same amount of calories of white bread. Since an Egg only has 78 calories, you can eat basically hardly too many eggs. If you think just worried about your cholesterol: don’t worry! Contrary to long-standing warning eggs do not cause elevated cholesterol. On the contrary, A balanced and healthy diet that lowers the level even. And since eggs is a must!

2. Avocado

Anyone who values the Nutrients of the Avocado to look at, the could easily be surprised that the fruit belongs to the berry, is listed here. Because it contains a lot of fat and very high in calories. It is, however, predominantly the unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce LDL-cholesterol and thus the reduction of annoying fat pads make it easier. The insulin level is positively influenced. In addition, the Avocado is full of vitamins and minerals.
The high energy content has a positive effect on the saturation effect. Studies show that people of a meal with Avocado to stay full longer than a meal without Avocado. Of course, one does not accept to eat many Avocados. Rather, it is important to replace the unhealthy food by Avocado.

3. Flaxseed

Flax seeds are a healthy high-fiber bombs, and support healthy digestion. In contrast to other foods, they stay a particularly long time in the large intestine, absorb water and sources of. The result is that people who got a Shake with flax seed, then 30 percent less ate than those who drank your Shake pur. The saturation sets in faster and lasts longer.

As with all foods, you should beware of the small grains as a miracle cure, you need to take regularly in order to lose weight. However, Flaxseed can help in a healthy diet is the Slimming.

4. Ginger

Ginger contains the hormone Leptin. This triggers the slightly sharp taste and increase the saturation. The tuber has virtually no calories. But plenty of Vitamin C, which stimulates the circulation, strengthens the immune system and promotes blood circulation.

Tip: in Between meals, water with a few slices of ginger and some lemon drink! The slices are doused with boiling water to intensify the flavor and satiating effect. The drink also has a stimulating effect and is a real pick-me-up!

5. Chili peppers

The peppers contained the active ingredient Capsaicin attenuates the Craving for sweet and fatty foods. The sharpness is stimulated in addition, the metabolism, the calorie consumption increased and the blood sugar levels stabilized. Who can tolerate spicy dishes, does his body with the consumption of chili peppers a Favor!


Should stop in spite of a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of saturated creators your cravings or no saturation setting, please consult a doctor. It could be a metabolic or eating disorder. (fs)