Simple test which will show you immediately if your child is dehydrated

We’ve been treated to some glorious weather in the past few months, which means the kids have been spending a lot more time time running around and playing in the garden.

While it’s great to see them enjoying the sunshine, the warmer temperatures means parents need to be extra vigilant when it comes to making sure they’re drinking enough water.

If they’re not getting enough fluids their bodies can’t function properly and it can lead to a series of serious medical conditons.

But there’s a simple test parents can do which will show them immediately if their little ones need more to drink.

Skin turgor, how elasticity the skin is, is a key indicator of body fluid loss.

To check it, pinch a small section of skin and hold it for a few seconds.

If your child has had enough water the skin will snap straight back when you let go. However if it takes longer to go back to normal they need more fluids.

The method is recommended by America’s National Library of Medicine .

Other symptoms your child might be dehydrated include:

  • if they feel thirsty
  • if their wee is dark yellow or smells very strong
  • if they’re feeling dizzy
  • if they’re feeling tired
  • If they’re only going to the loo four or less times a day
  • if they have a dry mouth, lips or eyes.

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