Revolutionary Anti-Aging Breakthrough Could Help You Live Until 150 By Regenerating Your Organs

And it’s cheap.

A new and potentially revolutionary anti-aging pill could help extend your lifespan by 50 years by regenerating your organs, according to Harvard professor David Sinclair and his team of researchers.

The process, which has been developed by the research team from the University of New South Wales, involves reprogramming cells which could allow people to regenerate organs. Sinclair believes that the process could even help patients suffering from paralysis to move again.

The researchers have conducted successful tests on mice, with the subject mice reported to have increased their lifespans by at least 10 percent. Human trials could begin as early as 2020, the Daily Mail reports.

Sinclair says the pills, which have already been tried on people within his family, would have a host of positive side effects including reduction of hair loss due to aging, as well as increased metabolism in older patients.

Perhaps one of the most astonishing aspects of the new breakthrough is its cost. Sinclair and his team of researchers say the pills could make their way to the market in the next five years and would cost you as much as your daily cup of coffee.

Despite the fantastic early results, Sinclair has warned the public to wait for successful human trials.

“We do not recommend people go out and take NAD precursors as they have not yet formally tested for safety,” he said.

NAD refers to molecule nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a chemical which is already used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Sinclair has claimed that although human trials will take another two years, he has already seen positive results from the pills having used it on himself and his father. The results, Sinclair claims, are that he has had his biological age reduced by 24 years while his 79-year-old father is feeling fitter than ever, and is now river-rafting and backpacking even at his advanced age. Sinclair even claims that his sister-in-law, who had hit menopause, is fertile after using the molecule-laden pills.

By all accounts, the results of using NAD molecule and the pill sound too good to be true, but Sinclair contends it is only a matter of time before the general public gets to see the benefits for themselves. However, no long-term effects of the pill have yet been gauged because there have been no clinical trials.

Even so, if successful, the NAD molecule infused anti-aging pills could become the greatest scientific breakthrough of this century, and perhaps one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time.

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