Research Says This Is The Most Common Place To Get A Tattoo

Whether you want to jump on the bandwagon or avoid an overused area, new research has revealed the most common body part for Australians to get inked.

CynoSure Australia and McCrindle Research conducted the survey of 1000 tattooed Australians, and found that arms are the most popular body parts for permanent artwork with 33% of respondents having that spot inked.

This was followed by shoulders (12%), wrists (8%), chest and ankles (6%), legs (5%), hips (3%), ribcages and necks (2%), stomach, hands, and face (1%).

Their research, the largest of its kind in the country, also discovered that women were more likely to get inked on their back, wrist and ankles with 23% choosing animal designs, 13% getting flowers and 6% settling on hearts.


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The top three reasons for getting a tatt were: to express a unique style, signify a life event and to honour loved one.

It might also be fair to assume that a few too many Bintangs could have played a role in some decision making processes as one in 10 Australians have got their tattoos overseas. 

We’re also not sure if there’s a correlation here, but a quarter of Aussies regret getting one or all of their tattoos and half of those with regrets admit that their first tattoo was a spontaneous one.  

Another reason to really consider your design before you make the commitment!

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