Redness, and sores: What the skin needs in case of a sun Allergy

Inflammatory skin reaction by UV-A radiation: What helps with sun Allergy

The sun Allergy makes for unpleasant skin complaints in the summer. Victims suffer after a stay in the sun skin redness, blisters, or small itchy pimples. Health experts explain what can help the discomfort.

Skin problems due to sun light

Catch the sun provides a good atmosphere and serves the health. Finally, the Vitamin D storage is charged again. But in some people, the sun baths due to allergic reactions too fast for the skin problems. For those Affected the right protection and special care is particularly important, explain health experts.

More and more people suffer from sun Allergy

According to health experts, the number of people, the radiation show a case of strong sun, no allergic reactions has increased in recent years. More and more children are suffering from sun Allergy.

This Allergy, called polymorphic light eruption, manifests itself through itchy pimples, vesicles, wheals, and reddening of the skin, which usually occur several hours or even days after spending time in the sun, explains the DAK health in a recent press release.

In some patients, the skin starts tingling during the tanning session uncomfortable.

The skin irritation show up the most frequently on the neck, décolleté, upper arms and face.

The symptoms usually occur when the skin is exposed to after a long time of an unusually high dose of Light – for example in spring or during a “sun vacation” in the Winter.

The complaints usually disappear after a few days, when the body must in this time again in the sun.

Inflammatory Skin Reactions

The health insurance Fund, especially contained in sunlight long-wave UV-A rays, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin are due to sun Allergy.

At least every tenth German citizens they lead to the inflammatory skin reaction.

In addition, fragrances and preservatives in sunscreens with UV-A may respond to light and lead to further skin irritation, the so-called Mallorca acne.

And also the intake of certain medications, such as antibiotics, blood-pressure-lowering, or psychotropic drugs make the skin more sensitive to the sun.

What can help Affected?

If the characteristic symptoms of a sun occur Allergy, should be chilled the skin with a damp cloth.

In addition, the DAK indicates that a Gel with hydrocortisone (pharmacy) relieves the discomfort quickly and effectively. Anti-Allergy medications (antihistamines), or calcium tablets (both from the pharmacy) help, therefore also.

Fresh Aloe Vera juice or an unscented Gel with the content of substances of this Plant soothe the skin in addition.

In addition, the affected skin should systematically by the use of suitable clothing and protected from direct sunlight are avoided by a light.

How to prevent

Some of the preventive measures can not help, help to the unpleasant symptoms of a sun Allergy. The DAK health recommends:

  • They use only sun-creams and gels without perfumes and preservatives – the best from the pharmacy.
  • Make sure you have a high sun protection factor (30 to 50).
  • Sundays angel with special Filters also protect against UV-A rays – ideally says on the package “UV-A protection according to Australian standard”.
  • Sundays angel always apply liberally and after swimming, always reapply – even water-resistant products.
  • To get during the summer or in the holidays at the day care to additional low-carbon products from the pharmacy.

The experts still have a few more tips to the next vacation to the fullest:

Slowly to the sun used: In the first days of spring a few minutes spent each piece completely.

The midday sun should be avoided – at this time, the sun’s rays are strongest.

If the sun does not pass away caused skin irritation after a few days, a doctor should be consulted. (ad)