Recall in case of purchase of land: risk of injury due to possible glass fragments in a popular Sauce

In the country of purchase in the offer: manufacturer’s Sauce calls back because of glass splinters

The Company Jütro GmbH & Co. KG has a callback for the product “Sweet and sour pineapple – Asian Sauce“ started, because it a sliver of glass could be found in. The affected product was sold in branches of the food-retail chain Kaufland.

In the product Glass fragments could be located

The Company Jütro GmbH & Co. KG, based in Brandenburg, Jüterbog calls the product “Sweet and sour pineapple – Asian Sauce“, spicy-fruity with crunchy vegetables, 350 g, back. According to a press release cannot be with absolute certainty be excluded that some of the Glass fragments in the product.

The Company Jütro GmbH & Co. KG calls the product “Sweet and sour pineapple – Asian Sauce“ back. In the case of the country of purchase goods sold glass fragments could be located. (Image: Andrey Bandurenko/

Product was withdrawn from sale

According to the figures, only goods with the on the edge of the lid are printed Batch R264 B 15 L1, and the date of minimum durability 21.03.2020 is affected by the recall.

“The article was in the branches of the group of companies, the purchase of land sold since November of 2018. The affected trading company, reacted immediately, and, for reasons of preventive consumer protection, the product as a precautionary measure, out of the sale“, – stated in the message.

And: “customers who have purchased the corresponding product may provide for a refund of the purchase price, even without presenting a receipt in the country of purchase-the market of your choice back.”

Glass splinters can cause serious injuries

Food, which could contain glass splinters or fragments of glass, should, in principle, are not consumed.

These can be serious injuries in the mouth and throat or cause internal injuries.

In food production can occur due to errors in the manufacturing processes to impurities or foreign bodies such as glass, aluminum or plastic residues. (ad)