Plastic surgeon reveals Zac Efron's suspected plastic surgeries

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood doctor lists the plastic surgeries he thinks Zac Efron has had – after fans were left shocked by actor’s facial transformation

  • Zac Efron, 36, may be suffering from ‘moon face’, plastic surgeons suggest
  • This can be caused by fluid retention from prolonged testosterone therapy
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Zac Efron’s interview with Entertainment Weekly this week reignited the debate about whether or not the actor has had cosmetic surgery.

Fans joked that Efron, 36, had a ‘chad filter’ on his face, alluding to his noticeably wider jaw and stockier facial features.

The Baywatch star made shockwaves in 2021 when he first debuted his dramatic new look, which he claimed was due to a nasty fall that ‘shattered his jaw’.

But that fall occurred in 2013, and Efron appeared in several movies — including 2017’s Baywatch — looking like his usual baby-faced self. 

Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr Gary Motykie said he is not buying Efron’s explanation, and believes the actor has achieved his dramatic look through a bevy of cosmetic surgeries — as well as the use of muscle-building drugs.

2018 and 2023: Zac is pictured above in 2018 at the Golden Globe awards in Los Angeles and in 2023 during an interview for Entertainment Weekly

Zac sporting his dramatic new facial appearance last year. His lips appear smoother and his chin more defined 

Dr Motykie told ‘I am curious about his jawline. There is definitely some difference there,’ he said.

‘I do think in that new footage it appears to have been augmented in the mandibular area as well as the chin being slightly more pronounced.

‘So, there is a possibility there that he has done more fillers, augmentation to that area.

‘I am a little suspicious overall, but the whole face is also a little bloated — so it is hard to say.’

He also said the star has probably used botox, adding: ‘When I am looking at his new face, starting with the eyes, he has changed that stern masculine, prey, look into this kind of soft, surprised look to his eyes.

‘That can come from botox to the brow.’

He added: ‘The face is also puffier and fuller and he has lost that chiseled look to more of a feminine, oval-shaped, softer face.’

That suggests filler to the face and cheeks, he said.

Dr Motykie said it was also possible Zac had received lip fillers because his lips appeared to grow over time rather than shrink, as normally happens with age.

Dr Motykie said his swollen appearance could also be down to testosterone replacement therapy, a type of anabolic steroid that can be legally prescribed by doctors.

 Efron’s new face in 2021 sparked debate online about whether he’d had plastic surgery

Zac Efron is pictured above in 2017 filming Baywatch, sporting his classic look

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A top plastic surgeon claims the worst kept secret in the business is that many of the best lead male bodies were sculpted with the help of performance-enhancing drugs. 

He has piled on the muscle for his role in ‘The Iron Claw’, set to be released next month — prompting speculation from some quarters that he has used testosterone replacement therapy to help him pack on the pounds.

Dr Motykie told ‘Based on the shirtless images of him on the set of ‘The Iron Claw’, I am most suspicious of testosterone use. 

‘If Zac is using testosterone, it is entirely possible that he has developed what is called TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy, moon face.

‘”TRT moon face” is a side effect that involves the retention of water and sodium in the body, and is characterized by facial swelling and puffiness.

‘This phenomenon is often seen after prolonged or high-dose testosterone replacement therapy.’

Testosterone replacement therapy — used by nearly five million US men — can cause imbalances in levels of other hormones, such as aldosterone — which helps to regulate electrolyte levels in the body.

This imbalance can lead to fluid and water retention, causing facial puffiness and swelling.

‘Moon face’ is a possible side-effect of TRT that causes the face to appear puffy, round, full and swollen.

Doctors say it is not harmful or painful, but does change someone’s appearance and can strain their mental health.

It is most commonly caused by prednisone, a steroid used to treat asthma, severe allergies and arthritis.

He also shown above in 2008 in a scene for High School Musical

But it can also be caused by TRT, hypothyroidism — when the thyroid produces too few hormones causing an imbalance — and Cushing’s syndrome, when the body produces or receives too much of the stress hormone cortisol.

Doctors say the swelling will go down over time if someone stops taking the drug that may be causing the condition. 

Dr Motykie suggested Zac may have been using testosterone replacement therapy

Dr Motykie, who was also previously a professional bodybuilder, added: ‘If Zac has developed “TRT moon face”, not all hope is lost!

‘When testosterone therapy is discontinued, the hormonal balance in the body typically begins to return to normal, which can gradually reduce the swelling and bloating in the face.

‘However, the timeline for the reduction of facial swelling can vary from person to person, and some people might experience a more prolonged swelling period before noticing a significant change.’

Commenting on the latest images of the star in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, one fan wrote: ‘Growth hormone has wrecked his jaws and lips.’

A second commented, ‘woah he looks like the villain in Avengers Endgame’, and a third said, ‘I keep thinking there’s a Chad filter on his face jeez’.

Although Efron has not commented on TRT use, he has dabbled in perfomance enhancing drugs in the past. 

In an interview with Men’s Health in 2022, Efron previously admitted to using Lasix — a powerful diuretic — to get his extremely low fat physique in Baywatch.

He has blamed his changing face on an accident where he slipped on a pair of socks while running at home, which caused him to smash his chin onto a granite fountain.

The star explained that he lost consciousness only to wake up with ‘his chin bone hanging off his face’.

He added: ‘It was funny. It sucks. I almost died, but we’re good.’

Dr Motykie also said how cutting fat for roles can lead to a much slimmer face in the future which has lost much of its baby fat. 

To counteract this, he said a number may use fillers or fat injections in order to achieve a younger appearance.

He suggested the puffiness could be down to surgery from these treatments.

A spokesperson for Zac Efron has been contacted for comment. 

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