New drug improves the survival rate of breast cancer patients

Ribociclib improved the Survival of breast cancer-Affected

Brustkresbs is worldwide the most common cancer in women. Approximately every eighth woman becomes ill in the course of their lives. Most of the risk between the 40’s. and 70. Years of age. In Germany, about 70,000 new cases are registered per year. Of 17,000 women die each year of cancer. Recently, the new drug was presented Ribociclib, the survival rate for advanced breast cancer significantly improves.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recently introduced a new drug, the chance of Survival of women with aggressive breast cancer significantly improved. In a randomised Phase III study with 42 months of follow-up time, the women with breast cancer showed, in an advanced stage significantly more often survived if they were given in addition to usual therapy, the new drug Ribociclib. The survival rate rose from 46 percent to 70 percent. The results were recently presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting in 2019.

Breakthrough in breast cancer therapy

“Advanced breast cancer in pre-menopausal women can be very aggressive. It is important and encouraging to find a targeted therapy that improves the Survival of younger women with this disease significantly, “ emphasizes Dr. med. Harold J. Burstein of the ASCO in a press release of the study results. The study showed in 672 women with advanced HR-positive / HER2-negative breast cancer, that the additional administration of Ribociclib is associated with a higher chance of Survival.

A good news in a terrible context

“This is the first study, the improved survival rate for a targeted endocrine therapy as first-line treatment for advanced breast cancer zeigt“, the main supplements author of the study Dr. Sara A. Hurvitz. The application of Ribociclib as a first-line treatment extended in the study, the overall women’s survival. “This is good news for women with this terrible disease”, says the expert. Because advanced breast cancer is the most common death cause in women between the ages of 20 and 59 years.

What Ribociclib is?

According to the ASCO Ribociclib is a drug that inhibits the activity of certain enzymes that promote the growth of cancer cells. In the study Ribociclib was administered together with Goserelin, a drug that Estrogen suppressed. In addition, the women received one of three other therapies.

The results of the study at a Glance

The study focused exclusively on women under 59 years of age, the diseased pre-menopausal breast cancer. Previously, no other endocrine therapy was performed on the patients. 70 percent of the women who received Ribocilcib, lived according to a 42-month aftercare still. In comparison to the control group that received a Placebo survived compared with only 46 percent of the women in the aftercare period. Overall, this corresponded to a relative reduction in the death risk by 29 percent.

What’s next for Ribociclib?

In the next step, the researchers want to analysis of the patients and the clinical findings to determine which group can benefit from women most of the new drug. (vb)