New brain stimulation relieves 70 percent of all depression

Depression complaints with shallow stream to appease

Recently, a new medical device has been presented, that the complaints in depressed people can be massively reduced. In the case of the so-called transcranial alternating current brain stimulation weak electrical impulses to be passed through to the scalp-mounted electrodes. At 70 percent of the test subjects, and subjects that would lessen the symptoms of Depression is enormous.

Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine in North Carolina developed recently, a completely new therapy for depression. The wave is normalized by a shallow electrical Stimulation of the brain in a brain area in people with Depression are overactive. So were 70 percent of Participants symptoms of Depression more than halved. The results of the study were recently published in the journal “Translational Psychiatry”.

Brain stimulation calmed the overactive brain waves

In the first clinical study of this kind, the Team led by Dr. Flavio showed Frohlich, depression can discomfort due to electrical stimulation significantly alleviate. Here, a specific electrical pattern is targeted in an overactive part of the brain and the Stimulation is normalized. At 70 percent of the Participating so the symptoms of Depression could be at least halved. Some of the complaints disappeared almost completely.

The Alpha waves of the brain targeted

Dr. Frohlichs transcranial alternating current brain stimulation is pursuing a completely new approach: In contrast to other brain stimulations, the new method is customized to the Alpha-waves of each individual Concerned. These waves range from eight to twelve Hertz are in the frequency. The Alpha-waves to take to domination, when we close the eyes, dream about something, thoughts, or ideas. They are especially strong, when our brain see external stimuli such as, feel, and listen to mostly exclude.

Why current for depression can help

In previous studies, it has been confirmed that people who suffer from depression, unbalanced Alpha-waves. In particular, in the left frontal cortex of the brain, these waves are overactive. With the help of AC brain stimulation, the researchers attempted to bring the overactive left frontal cortex, again in line with the right frontal cortex.

On the expiration of the study

The Participants was divided during the study in groups of three. Each group received over a period of five days, a daily 40-minute treatment. One group was given a Placebo treatment, one group was treated with the known 40 Hz brain stimulation and the third group received the new 10-Hertz alternating-current brain stimulation, which targets the Alpha-waves. None of the Participants knew which group he is in. Directly before and after the treatment and two and four weeks later, the severity of Depression was measured using the Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale.

Two weeks after the treatment

As the Team of Frohlich, the data of two weeks after the treatment investigated, they discovered that 70 percent of Participants in the 10-Hertz alternating current treatment group at least 50 percent fewer symptoms of depression and information. This Rate was significantly higher than in the other two control groups. Some of the Participants, an even greater decrease was seen. Four weeks after the treatment started to level off this effect, however.

Researchers see great Potential

“It is important to note that this is the first study of this kind ist“, Dr. emphasized Frohlich in a press release of the study results. Prior to the investigation was unclear whether it would ever show an effect. The fact that it came to such positive results, the researchers Confidence that this approach will help many people with Depression. Two further follow-up studies to this new therapy in planning. (vb)