Need A Last Minute Sexy Gift Idea? Try An Audio Erotica Subscription

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to porn — we all have different tastes, habits and vibes that inform how (and to what) we get off. But if you’re someone who has struggled to find porn that feels ethical, inclusive and, most importantly, really really hot, I want to introduce to you my obsession of the last few years: Dipsea.

I’ve talked about it before in other stories about audio erotica, but Dipsea is one of the coolest new spaces out there for positive, shame-free sexual storytelling that feel as intense as your favorite porn site and as welcoming and non-intimidating as your favorite Capital-R Romance novel. And, for a limited time, you can save 30 percent on a year long subscription for you or someone you love — making it an affordable investment in your future orgasms too.

I think this is the spot where I like to do my blanket warning that giving a sensual or sexual present (e.g. a sex toy, an audio erotica subscription, a sexy little coupon book) is something that should be done carefully. Make sure this person very clearly is someone who would want to receive such a thing from you (and give them a warning or get a gut check, if needed!) — whether it’s a partner, a pal or anyone else.)

A bit more about Dipsea: A female-founded start-up comprised of writers, editors, audio whiz’s and voice actors, they release a range of different audio stories that feel lived-in, relatable and intimate without losing the fun and fantasy you want in your erotica. Not that all pornography needs to be obviously feminist for you to enjoy it (as long as you’re adults and consenting, do you) but Dipsea’s stuff decidedly is. You don’t get performative moans or content designed for the heterosexual male gaze but you do get thoughtful, sweet and sexy explorations of intimacy, kink and so much more.

They also have some cool non-explicit options including sleep sounds, some immersive pillow talk moments with some of their hottest recurring characters and some intimate wellness guides to help you really take control over your relationship to pleasure.

So, yeah, not to gush or anything, but this has been one of my favorite recommendations (as a health and sex editor and sex toy sommelier among my pals) for when my friends are on the hunt for some erotica/porn options that will leave them feeling positive and excited from start to finish (as many times as they want per night).

If you’re interested, you can also check out a free trial on their site and saddle up with your favorite bedside companion to take it for a test drive. You can thank me later!

Before you go, check out some masturbation positions that are totally hot (with or without a partner):

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