MyMuesli coupon: Now cereal together – and save

With MyMuesli is it easy to start healthy and tasty in the day. Now you can make your individual favorite cereal for a special price along with a discount Code you can get it now even cheaper. FOCUS Online tells you how you MyMuesli, quite simply, can save.

Ready to them are mixes too boring? Whether berries, Bircher -, or chocolate-cereal – many cereals-variations for every taste. The MyMuesli voucher, you can put together your favorite muesli from over 80 ingredients individually, according to your taste.

To redeem the discount Code for MyMuesli

  • Of the many cereal-variations of MyMuesli in the Online Store for inspiration.
  • Create your personal cereal, and you can have fun in the Shop with the free delivery.
  • Just in case your order the discount Code.
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  • You can order your Snacks through your PC, or the YouTube App.

Muesli made with organic ingredients

The best ingredients are at the heart of the cereals are. Therefore, only organic ingredients are of controlled origin.

So you start a lot easier in the day because with our mymuesli2go trial pack of your favorite cereal anywhere. With the discount Code you can get the MyMuesli2Go trial pack with twelve different varieties for only 19,90 Euro.

The practical portion cups fit in any bag and provide enough space for milk, yogurt or fresh fruit. Easy lid, milk and loslöffeln!


Also as the granola bars in the 12-pack sampler pack for only 24,90 euros, the healthy muesli mixes are available. You can’t decide between the 6 varieties? In each trial package, you can find the varieties of Paleo coconut, Paleo Raw Cacao, Superfruit, Cranberry pistachio, Berry White Choc and blueberry vanilla Granola directly to 2x.