Mums are switching to reusable toilet paper in their droves due to coronavirus

Coronavirus has seen more than just hand sanitiser being stripped from the shelves.

As a result of the epidemic – and as people prep for potential quarantines – there has been an international shortage of loo roll.

In many supermarkets, the shelves are completely bare in the toilet roll aisle, and some people are even capitalising on the shortage by selling rolls for inflated prices on online marketplaces.

In response to this, some people are finding new ways to ensure they aren’t caught short in the bathroom, including buying ‘family cloth’.

Family cloth is reusable toilet roll, that either comes in a clipped roll or as separate sheets, and is washed after use.

The cloths are typically put into a separate bucket or tub after use, then washed in the evening or at intervals before going back on the roll holder.

Eloise Marsh, who makes rolls for her business Handmade Australian Textiles, says there’s been a massive uptick in interest for her terry-towelling cloths in the wake of COVID-19.

Posting on her business Facebook page, Eloise wrote, ‘Let me guess, you desperately needed toilet paper so you ducked to the shops only to find the entire town has started panic buying and stocked up their own personal toilet paper supply to last them the next year, leaving none for people like yourself that actually need some.

‘I have somewhat of a solution for you.’

The response was largely positive, with one person commenting ‘No different than cloth nappies. Innovative, well done.’

Another said, ‘I like the invention, people would buy this.’

It’s not quite Eloise’s invention, and we’ve written articles in the past about family cloth.

It’s an ingenious way to get around the problem of loo roll shortages, though – or it is if you’re hardy enough to take on the laundry load afterwards.

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