More Corona-Dead than I thought? Researchers believe, could be underestimated Figures

Worldwide, more than 616.000 people are now as a result of a Coronavirus infection died. As far as the official Figures (as of: 22.7.). But how high, the dark section? Researchers show for Italy and the United States, that the deaths were underestimated and may.

It is clear that, In the spring of 2020, more people in many countries have died than usual. Unclear, however, what explains the higher death rate and what is the role of Corona plays. An Overview:


41.329 people died in Italy in the worst month of the Corona-pandemic – about 20,000 more than the average in the previous five years. This is reported by researchers in a recently in the American journal "Jama Internal Medicine" a report published. This meant an increase in the mortality rate of 104.5 percent.

The authors compared in their study the increase in the absolute number of deaths in the first quarter of 2020, with the previous years, and the reported number of Covid-19-deaths. For the period between 1. March and 4. In April, they noted a doubling of the mortality rate.

In the case of people who were 74 years of age or older, has doubled the number of deaths compared to the previous five years of an average 15.677 on 32.829 Dead. In Lombardy, the worst-affected Region of Italy, increased the mortality rate of 173 per cent, among men in the Region to 213 percent.

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The results of the study suggest that the number of the Corona of the dead thus significantly on the information provided by the authorities wasBecause the official Figures were until the beginning of April, 15,000 people to the consequences of a Corona-infection died.

In your report, call the authors of the various reasons for the discrepancy of more than 5000 dead (to the 20,000) explain can. Among other things, people could be as a result of pre-existing diseases, died of the Virus only strengthened. In the official censuses only in the Corona were also deaths in hospitals and nursing homes registered, which could explain according to the authors, in part, by the lack of 5000 victims.


Also in the USA, the mortality has risen since the Corona of a further publication in the journal “Jama Internal Medicine”, according to strong. In the investigated period from March to may with 781.000 deceased, therefore, more than 120,000 people died than in previous years. Thus, the number of deaths in the USA during the investigation period, to 28 percent higher than the statistics Covid-19-dead suspect. In the period from the beginning of March to end of may, more than 95,000 deaths Covid had been conducted according to official Figures in the USA-19.

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    However, the authors explain that the additional dead not the effects of a corona virus infection have died must be. In addition, cases of death had occurred to the part before sufficient corona had been tests. Thus, these deceased were, even if they had not been recorded infected with Sars-CoV-2, in the official Corona-death statistics.


    In the UK, there is also reason to believe that the official number of the Corona of the dead could yet turn out to be too low. Figures of the statistics according to the authorities, were captured by mid-July, nearly 55,000 deaths in which the lung disease Covid-19 on the death certificate was mentioned.

    The excess mortality for the period of the pandemic to the calculations of the “Financial Times”, according to but even at 65.700 are. The excess mortality is the Plus of the dead during the pandemic compared to the average of the previous years.


    In Spain, amounted to excess mortality, according to a report in the newspaper “El País” in the period 1. March to 2. June, 42 Percent. According to the Figures of the Central death register, died in this time 43.866 people more than in the same period of the previous year.

    27.934 of them were positive on Covid-19 tested. The rest of 15.932 it may be people, where the Virus was discovered or such, the other diseases suffered and due to Overload of the health system, not receiving sufficient were. Conceivable is also, that Sick out of fear of Covid-19 had consulted a doctor.

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    The curve of the excess mortality is increasing in Spain, from about the middle of March, steep and reaches the beginning of April, with 155 percent of their peak value. At that time, nearly 1000 Corona were registered as Deaths per day. Thereafter, the curve flattens slowly and reached at the beginning of June the average level.


    In Germany, the death figures from January to March 2020, not remarkably increased, as the Federal Statistical office writes: “In April the number of Dead, however, with currently about 83.400 reported cases, significantly above the average of previous years ( 9 percent).” In absolute Numbers, this means that well-6800 people died more in April than in the last few years in the comparison period.

    In about this period, namely in the calendar weeks 14 to 18, from 30.3. up to 3.5., the official death was the cause of more than 6,000 people in Germany, Corona. The difference between the excess mortality and the number of the Corona of the dead in Germany in April, so less pronounced, to that observed in other countries. In may, the number of the deceased had disappeared in Germany of the previous years.

    Corona-the Dead: What are the excess mortality?

    The country comparison shows that already more people could have died as a result of a Corona disease, as officially reported. However, it can be called, as to the part already, can also lead to other effects, the differences between excess mortality and reported Corona-dead, such people worry could be too late or not gone to infect to the doctor.

    Similarly, provisions could be postponed appointments and diseases are not detected to have been. Some experts already suspected that the Lockdown measures, suicide rates have risen could be. A clear answer to the question, how many people ever died, in fact, to Covid-19, cannot be given currently.

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    Also, mortality rates of countries are to be compared across hard to

    Also the mortality rate, i.e. the number of which varies to a Sars-CoV-2 infection die in relation to all of the Infected, currently from country to country. This is partly due to the fact that the procedure in different countries is very different and thus difficult to compare, because

    • in some countries, unclear death is not to be tested for cases Covid-19, in other.
    • it is sometimes not clear, whether Corona or rather a pre-existing condition has led to the death.
    • it is in different countries, different age groups are particularly affected by a corona of infection.
    • the death figures also depend on how well the health system is equipped and the Patients can handle.

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