Man shares why he drinks up to seven pints of his own urine a day

Jan Schünemann, 26, has a rather unusual habit: he likes to drink pints of his own urine.

Oh, and he also smears said urine on his skin and puts it in his eyes.

Why, you may ask?

Sports coach and student Jan claims the practice benefits his mental and physical health.

Jan, from Hamburg, Germany, has always been willing to try new and unusual techniques to boost his wellbeing.

When he was 14 he started kickboxing, then discovered the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu, also known as Kalari, which encourages discipline, respect, mental and physical strength, patience, humility, and promotes a search for peace.

While engaging in this practice, Jan also discovered Shivambu Kalpa, or urine therapy, back in 2017. This concept suggests that the body is a self-sustaining vehicle and that urine consumption allows the body to heal itself.

Jan embraced the idea wholeheartedly, and since then he has consumed between three and seven pints of his own urine every day.

He also ingests his own pee through his eyes, nose, ears, and skin, applying it with a syringe, eye glass, and by rubbing in the liquid as though it’s a skincare product.

Jan claims that doing urine therapy means he never gets sick, has more energy, and is the best physical shape of his life. He says he only needs four hours of sleep a night because his energy levels are so high, and that drinking his own urine also helped to remedy his depression.

‘I just started and tried it and straight away, the benefits were so amazing that I knew I wanted to continue,’ Jan said.

‘I was kind of depressed and disconnected from myself and it really helped me to go in and dive deeper into my own consciousness.

‘It helped me to explore all of the angles of my mind, the deeper layers of reality, and ideas surrounding hermetic laws, yogic traditions, the self-sustaining body, and the self-healing human vessel.

‘Shivambu Kalpa appealed to me because I was always looking for a health remedy that anybody could use. It’s very natural and accessible for every human being.

‘Shivambu Kalpa is the perfect medicine since it is full of everything that the human body needs. It is also free for every human being.’

Jan doesn’t do anything fancy to his urine before he drinks it, just pees into a glass and gulps it up.

Sometimes he’ll leave his urine to ‘age’, which he says increases its powers.

‘The taste changes throughout the whole day because the body is always balancing itself out and distilling it at any given moment,’ Jan said. ‘It depends on how hydrated you are, how clean your body is internally, what you eat and even what your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy is at any given moment.

‘I practice drinking daily and I also ingest urine in my eyes, nose, ears, skin. You definitely become more in tune with yourself.

‘Since doing Shivambu Kalpa, I hardly ever get sick apart from when I binge on rubbish foods – which is normal for anyone.

‘It is the perfect medicine for all diseases and viruses.

‘I have a better quality of life since doing this but it is all about balance – I have to remind myself that I still live in this society.

‘My consciousness has developed and I barely have to sleep.

‘You don’t have to prepare anything when you ingest urine. You can even age it which makes it even more potent and powerful, but this is an advanced technique that I also have to get more into.

‘For beginners, you just pee into a glass and drink it, or apply it into your senses, portals, and skin.’

Jan shares his journey on Instagram and YouTube, where he hopes to help others venture down the same route as himself.

‘I would give the advice to just start the practice – do not hesitate or overthink anything,’ says Jan.

‘It doesn’t matter what anybody else says or thinks because you are only here for your own experience anyway.

‘I would love to see a world where everybody has the information of Shivambu Kalpa told from a neutral perspective so they can then decide for themselves if and how they would like to do it.

‘We should objectively discuss the benefits of Shivambu Kalpa so every human being has at least some information – they can then choose if it is for them.’

Before you grab that glass, it’s worth noting that there is no officially recognised medical evidence of urine’s ‘healing’ powers and no evidence to suggest that drinking urine can protect you from viruses.

There’s also no evidence to suggest that urine therapy could treat depression, and we’d advise anyone struggling with their mental health to talk to their GP.

Many doctors strongly recommend against the practice, explaining that while urine is mostly water, it contains waste products that could be damaging to consume in large quantities.

Perhaps we could recommend a glass of water, if you’re thirsty?

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