Man born with deformed 'caved in' chest is now a Calvin Klein model

David James Seed, 25, used to dread going topless.

He had a deformity that meant his chest grew inwards, giving him the appearance of a caved in torso.

Now, years after having a metal bar placed in his rib cage, he’s working as a Calvin Klein model, and recently shared his transformation to inspire others living with the same condition.

David first noticed a dip in his chest when he was 10 years old, and observed it getting deeper over the next two years.

He had a major dip in confidence when other boys in the school changing rooms started to point out the ‘dent’ in his chest and make fun.

At 12 he was officially diagnosed with pectus excavatum, a condition in which the cartilage in the rib cage grows too fast so the ribs grow inwards, causing the sternum to sink in.

David’s parents pushed for their son to have corrective surgery; a two hour operation that involved placing a curved metal bar underneath his sternum and attached to both sides of his rib cage, to force the bones into their correct position.

The metal bar put pressure on David’s ribs and chest, putting him in intense pain.

But he says the agony was worth it. Slowly he regained his confidence and was able to live life again.

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