Losing Her Sight Hasn't Stopped Jess Gallagher From Making Sporting History

Dr Jess Gallagher is one seriously amazing woman. She’s represented Australia in three sports (alpine skiing, athletics and track cycling) and has grabbed a slice of sporting history, becoming the nation’s first athlete – Olympian or Paralympian – to medal at both the Summer and Winter Games.

At the age of just 17, Jessica was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative eye disease, impacting her sporting dreams as a netballer. But just four short years later, she unexpectedly discovered the world of Paralympic sport… and pursued it with a passion. 

Being visually impaired, Jess relies on a guide to act as her eyesight when competing, often at incredibly fast speeds (think 100km per hour, straight down a mountain!). Now, as a motivational speaker, she uses her unique experience to teach businesses the true meaning of trust, how to take opportunity as soon as it arises, and how to improve performance by having the foresight to predict the results.

In this can’t-miss-a-minute chat on WH Uninterrupted, powered by Samsung, we speak to Jess about sport, success, what’s next… and the simple steps that can help every single one of us realise our true potential.

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