Livongo unveils Amazon-based voice tool

Livongo on Thursday announced a new voice-based tool for hypertensive patients that works with Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly.


Describing the experience as “Cuff to Cloud,” Livongo said patients can use the “voice-enabled cellular blood pressure monitoring system,” to upload blood pressure data to Livongo’s AI+AI engine. That engine, in turn, vocally delivers what the company described as nudges.

“After a high blood pressure reading, the member may hear a voice Health Nudge suggesting changes to their nutrition to help lower sodium intake,” Livongo explained. “The Livongo for Hypertension voice experience will provide Members the ability to easily interact with Livongo via the most natural and personalized communication channel – their voice.”  


Voice technologies are gaining more momentum in healthcare, and other industries, such that 2018 was called the year of the voice pilot.

Indeed, in 2017 hospitals including the Commonwealth Care Alliance and Penn Medicine had already undertaken their own early work in using voice to sculpt a new patient experience.


“Our new Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly powered cellular blood pressure monitoring system is an example of the collaborative efforts Livongo is taking to advance healthcare and reach more people who prefer voice as their primary communication channel,” said Livongo President Dr. Jennifer Schneider in a statement.


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