Just How Hygienic Are Shopping Trollies?

We usually don’t think twice when using a shopping trolley but are we damaging our health because of it?

According to a new laboratory test by EMLab P&K, a shopping trolley has 361 times more bacteria than a bathroom door handle!

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The bacteria found on surface handles of trollies ranges from harmless to significantly harmful. Harmful bacteria can cause salmonella and pneumonia due to the presence of gram-negative bacteria commonly associated with E.coli along with Bacillus, a gram-positive bacteria linked to triggering the effects of food poisoning.

Less harmful types include yeast (which is less harsh to humans) and gram-positive bacteria.

To keep things hygienic, thoroughly wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer after usage. You can also clean the handle with antibacterial wipes before shopping.

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This article originally appeared on BHG.

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