Julie Bartlett’s easy outdoor exercises to stay fit in lockdown

Well now we are able to go outside for exercise, award-winning fitness coach Julie Bartlett has taken her next set of exercises to her local park. If you have been following Julie’s routines, you will have noticed that you have been working on your strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and stiffness. Now it is time to put all those elements together and get outside to enjoy a change of environment.

If you have any medical conditions or restrictions, please check with your doctor before participating.

Julie says: “Exercising outside gives me a real lift. The sunshine, the sound of the birds, the flowers and plants, it all adds up to a positive experience. We are living in very strange, challenging times and getting out everyday is needed for our mental health. So why not use this time to fit in your daily exercise? The exercises shown each day can even be done on your dog walk. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a pair of tights or a resistance band if you have one. Put it in your pocket and off you go.”

Do each exercise for 15-20 repetitions. Start easy and build up slowly. You can do Julie’s easy-to-follow park exercises day by day or collect all the exercises and build them into a longer workout.


Find a stable area to step up and down. You can do this as fast as you are able. It is a great exercise for raising your heart rate and strengthening your legs.

1 I have chosen a very small raised timber edging to step up on. Start with your shoulders down and your tummy muscles in but do not hold your breath.

2 Step up with your right leg and propel your right arm forward as you do so. Start off slowly and build up speed.

3 Now step up with your left leg and use your left arm in the same way. Step down right and left and continue to step up leading with your right leg. Then repeat leading with your left leg. Build up to 20 on each leg. You can vary the height as your confidence grows.

Find more exercises and tips www.juliebartlett.me/videos

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