Jessica Simpson Just Posted A Photo Of Her Freezer—And WOW, That's A Lot Of Breast Milk

  • Jessica Simpson, 38, posted a photo on Instagram of all of the breast milk in her freezer.
  • The freezer is filled to the brim and her followers on super-impressed.
  • The mom of three is storing breast milk to feed her youngest child, Birdie Mae.

Got milk? Jessica Simpson does and it’s taken over her freezer.

The designer posted a photo of her freezer jam-packed with bags of her breast milk all dated and ready to serve to the newest addition to her family, three-month old Birdie Mae. Her caption? “I’m starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection 🤣”

While the designer might not actually sell the stuff (though she’d make BANK if she did), her fans are calling on her to donate any leftovers she might have to a milk bank to be distributed to infants in need.

I’m starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection 🤣

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“Awesome!! If you don’t know, when you overproduce there are ways to donate leftovers!” one follower commented.

Others were simply in awe of how much this momma’s been able to produce for her baby girl:

“Holy milk momma! Great job.”

“You are the liquid gold queen!”

FYI, it’s totally cool for breast milk to chill in the freezer until you need it, according to the Office On Women’s Health. All you need to do is store it in bottles or breast milk storage bags, like the ones Jessica filled up, and mark them with the date the milk was expressed. (By the way, these are the exact breast milk storage bags Jessica’s using in this pic.) Pro tip: Store breast milk inside the freezer and not in the freezer door. Keeping it in the door will increase the odds that the milk thaws a bit every time the door is opened.

If you’re as impressed as Jessica’s fans are by the amount of breast milk she’s got stashed, you should know Jessica’s celebrating her milk-production abilities right there with you. Just last month, she commemorated a successful pumping session with an Instagram photo of a bottle she filled to the top. “This is what success feels like 🐄,” Jessica wrote for a caption.

This is what success feels like 🐄

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Jessica gave birth to Birdie and in March and, after a pretty rough pregnancy filled with broken toilet seats, swollen feet, and bronchitis, postpartum life seems to be loaded with rewards for the momma of three… after all, it brought her a beautiful daughter.

As for whether all that milk will be going to Birdie is unclear, but one thing’s for sure: This baby girl’s got plenty of it stored away if she wants it.

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