Jennifer Lopez Swears By This One Workout Move For Her Abs

Devoted Insta followers of Jennifer Lopez would be well aware that the singer, actor and all round babe recently rung in her 49th birthday in an undisclosed tropical location. Understandably, the age-defying mum-of-two spent plenty of time with her enviable abs on display, which has us begging the question (and begging a high power) how on earth does she have such an incred core?!

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Like almost always, Google has the answer. Jennifer’s trainer David Kirsch recently revealed to Health that the Shades Of Blue star has a go-to, tum-torching move: side-plank oblique crunches.

“It’s perfect for when you need to focus on shaping and toning not only the obliques but the entire core,” he said.

Kirsch told Us Weekly it works the core, chiseling the obliques and giving an over strong, beautiful middle.

“We’re doing a lot of planks, side planks and we do this medicine ball toss while holding a lunge so we’re monopolising the room,” he added.

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But of course, exercise experts are constantly drilling into us that you can’t spot target area with thousands of crunches, and J-Lo is all about mixing it up. 

“I love to keep workouts with Jennifer high energy and high intensity, making sure the full-body workouts are fresh and always changing,” Kirsch told Health

And like the saying goes: abs are made in the kitchen. Kirsch told Us that Jennifer is also fairly strict when it comes to her eating habits.

“It doesn’t just happen — you need good genetics and she is very, very disciplined about what she puts in her body and she doesn’t drink — even though she is holding a bottle of champagne and I’m sure she is celebrating,” the fitness pro said. “She’s very mindful of her body being this beautiful temple and really respecting it.”

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