‘I’ve got ADHD and now I have to wait 18 months for medication’

James Haskell describes his experience with ADHD

A man who recently lost his job in part due to his struggle without medication for his ADHD has lashed out at obscene NHS waiting times.

Will Belshah had an ADHD assessment with a private psychiatrist through his former employer’s medical insurance in 2021.

After moving home, he recently requested a prescription from his new GP early this year but has been left out in the cold and struggling with long waiting times after finding out there was a 12-18 month delay to receive Xaggatin, a medication for ADHD.

The 29-year-old described his current status as being stuck “in limbo” due to the lack of treatment options.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “I’ve literally paid for services privately. If they want to privatise the NHS, at least make it work. I paid to have that done so it could get done quickly and so I could get access to the help that I need and it still didn’t work.”

Will revealed he recently failed his probation period at a new job, partially due to the struggle of managing his ADHD without the necessary medication.

He said: “My place of work made adjustments for me but I just struggled without the support from the NHS that I need.

“It’s not their fault, they need someone who can do the job properly but the point was that if I got the medication, I would have been able to do the job.

“I know it’s not only me that’s going through this. Organisationally, this is really hard to keep on top of. I feel like I’m managing to do okay at the moment but it’s not always like that and other people are completely debilitated because of it.”

Will criticised a recent Panorama investigation, claiming it inaccurately portrayed the present situation for those seeking treatment.

The ADHD Foundation echoed his sentiments, labelling the programme a ‘sensationalist piece of television journalism’ that overlooked the larger context.

The organisation also confirmed their awareness of the short supply of several medications.

Ethypharm, the producer of Xaggitin, clarified to the MEN that there were no supply issues with the tablets in the UK.

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