Improving Women’s Health through Family Planning Services

Reduced maternal and childhood morbidity and mortality. Decreased incidence of sexually transmitted infections. Freedom of choice in family spacing. These are just a few of the ways that access to family planning services can improve the health of women and their families – and in turn, strengthen the communities that serve them.

That’s why The Pfizer Foundation* supports organizations that are increasing access to family planning for underserved women through initiatives that offer reproductive and sexual health services at the same time children are routinely vaccinated.

In fact, The Pfizer Foundation recently announced a $5 million grant recommitment to initiatives that provide family planning access and education for women and men at the same time children are routinely vaccinated, while also providing technical support for the projects. The partner organizations for these initiatives include the International Rescue Committee (Ethiopia and Uganda), World Vision (Kenya), Save the Children (Malawi) and CARE (Benin).  

The new grants follow an initial $6.7 million funding commitment in 2015 to reduce barriers to women and children’s health.

“At Pfizer, we support the belief that women around the world should have access to family planning services and information so that they can make informed decisions that are appropriate for their needs,” said Caroline Roan, President of The Pfizer Foundation. “We are proud to be expanding The Pfizer Foundation’s support of this innovative approach to family planning, making it easier for underserved women to access family planning services at the same time their children receive critical immunizations to protect them against disease.” 

In addition to working with local healthcare providers to help reduce misconceptions and break down barriers in this space, the grants are creating opportunities for women to access family planning in communities where different barriers exist for women to access family planning services, or where women have little time to spend on healthcare.

The Pfizer Foundation’s ongoing support of these initiatives reflects our belief that an investment in women’s health is also an investment in a more just, prosperous and equitable future. By increasing access to integrated family planning and immunization services, we hope to support lasting healthcare solutions for women in these communities.

 *The Pfizer Foundation is a charitable organization established by Pfizer Inc. It is a separate legal entity from Pfizer Inc. with distinct legal restrictions







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