Important recall at Aldi: the Threat of injury by a metallic foreign body in the Ice cream

Callback started: In different varieties of Aldi ice cream metal insert parts

Different flavors of ice cream that were sold at the food-Discounter Aldi, could possibly contain metal parts. The manufacturer calls the Ice-cream. The information suggests that the products concerned have been taken in the meantime from the sale.

The affected product was withdrawn from sale

In total, five different flavors of ice cream that were sold at the food-Discounter Aldi, could possibly be metal parts. In a customer information from Aldi, the company informed to take the affected products from the manufacturer Froneri Ice Cream in Germany from the sale.

The food-Discounter Aldi, several flavors of ice cream to be called back, because it contains metal parts. (Image: Andrey Bandurenko/

The purchase price will be refunded

The information that North had at Aldi “Trader Joe’s Ice Cream American Style, 500 ml beaker” in the varieties of Cookie Dough (codes A, 8284, A-8285), groove Loves Choco (A, 8283, A-8284), and Cookie Double Trouble (A 8281, A 8282, A 8283), as well as the 500-ml beaker of the “Supreme Rich & Creamy“ variety, Macadamia Nut (A, 8278, A 8281).

All the flavors of ice cream, the date of minimum durability (best before date): 30.4.2020.

According to a customer’s information of Aldi Süd, the “Grandessa ice cream 500ml Cup will be called” the type of Cookie Dough with the date of minimum durability 30.4.2020 and all encodings.

As it says in the message, customers could give the affected products for a refund of the purchase price in the respective market.

A foreign body cannot be ruled out completely

Due to errors in the manufacturing processes, it can be divided again and again to impurities or foreign bodies such as metal, plastic or glass in food products.

According to the experts, these were not excluded, even then, one hundred percent, if the Monitoring should be continuous.

In addition to foreign bodies, contamination of with health of germs dangerous to a common reason for food recalls. (ad)