I'm a doctor – this is why your eye could be twitching

I’m a doctor – this is why your eye could be twitching

  • Optician from Toronto warns eye twitches can be caused by too much caffeine 
  • The doctor gave advice on TikTok on how to avoid getting eye twitches

A flickering, quivering or tugging sensation in the eye is a short-lived irritation most people will have suffered at some point.

But for those who regularly battle an eye twitch, a doctor has now revealed the most common causes and how to stop them.

Too little sleep and consuming a lot of coffee are some of the reasons why you may be suffering, says Dr Alexa Hecht, an optometrist from Toronto in Canada.

Although they can be harmless, she has seen patients complain of eye twitches that had lasted for three weeks.

In most cases, twitches on the eyelid are due to a ‘lack of sleep, too much caffeine, stress or too much alcohol’, explained Dr Hecht in a TikTok video.    

Dr Alexa Hecht, an optometrist from Toronto in Canada, pictured above, says several patients have complained of an eye twitch lasting for three weeks. She warns that too much alcohol and caffeine can cause a twitch

She added: ‘Your eyes also might be dry or you might have eye strain.’

Treatment isn’t usually needed for a twitching eyelid, but there are options for those irritated by it, according to Dr Hecht.

Firstly, cut out either caffeine, alcohol or get some more sleep. 

Dr Hecht says: ‘The number one thing you can do to prevent this from occurring or stop this from happening is to eliminate one of those reasons.’

But she also suggested drinking tonic water.

The beverage contains quinine, which studies suggest can prevent leg cramps — a cramping of the muscle.

A twitch is usually nothing to worry about, it can come and go, but will stop in a few days or weeks, the NHS says.

It notes that stress, anxiety and some medicines can also trigger an eye twitch.

The health service recommends getting plenty of rest, relaxing and trying not to worry. However, those battling the symptom for more than a fortnight should visit their GP.

Dr Hecht said: ‘If your eyelid twitch is still persisting, I would definitely see your eye doctor to see the main cause and if there is anything we can do to help you.’

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