Hilaria Baldwin Shares Her Body's 'Recovery' 4.5 Months After Welcoming Fourth Child

Hilaria Baldwin is feeling “healthy” four and a half months after welcoming her fourth child, son Romeo Alejandro.

The 34-year-old fitness expert shared her post-baby body progress on Wednesday, with three photos of her body — one at 9 months pregnant, one 12 days after giving birth and one now.

“The recovery from baby number 4 continues,” she captioned the post on Instagram.

Baldwin, who is also mom to Carmen Gabriela, 5, Rafael Thomas, 3, and Leonardo Ángel, 2, with husband Alec, said that she hopes to inspire people to start a similarly healthy lifestyle.

“I share my journey and posts here because I believe so strongly that smart exercise, good eating, and a calm mind = healthy body,” she explained. “And I want you to experience it too because life is so worth living to its max…and you are so worth it.”

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Baldwin told PEOPLE in August that she believes working out before and during her pregnancy made for an easier delivery and recovery.

“I’m fit before pregnancy, I stay as fit as I can during pregnancy, and that I think has allowed me to have pretty great labors, deliveries and recovery,” she said.

But now, with four kids running (or crawling) around the house, Baldwin has to squeeze in her workouts in unique ways.

“I’m really just so efficient with trying to find windows of time,” she explained. “I know that my jog is 30 minutes, and if I can make my 30-minute jog and then when nap time is I can do another 30 minutes of yoga or whatever it is, that’s a really good day.”

And Baldwin said that after four pregnancies in about five years, her body has changed, but she learned to welcome it.

“It’s not the same, but I feel a little bit more feminine and a little bit more capable,” she said. “I feel like I know myself better. Going through that experience, you learn yourself from the inside out in a whole different way.”

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