Helping Kids Cope With A Cancer Diagnosis

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be scary for anyone. But for a child, it can be downright terrifying.

Brian Julius knows this all too well. As a stage 4 cancer survivor and founder of the Speaking Book® program, he has seen how it can be difficult to make sense of what you are facing and what you can do after you receive a cancer diagnosis. While difficult for anyone, this can be even more overwhelming for low literacy patients including young children and in some cases, those whose first language in not English.

This is why Julius created Speaking Books®, Children Coping with Cancer to give kids with cancer a visual resource that can help support children and their parents at this critical time. This colorful and illustrated book “reads” in English or in Spanish to reassure them and provide much needed support. This collaboration was supported by Pfizer and also has the endorsement of the World Medical Association.

Marc Chioda, Medical Director at Pfizer Oncology, stated that: “We know this latest book will go a long way to help reduce Children’s Fears and improve their understanding of Cancer, that it is not catching, was not their fault, and that they are being looked after by wonderful people dedicated to their treatment.”

For more about the initiative, including how you can access the Speaking Book, visit their website here.  

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