Heart attack risk: what pains you shouldn’t underestimate – Video

Who feels when you Go for a Stab in the calf of the Standing loss, you should let the doctor his heart checked. The German heart Foundation. The complaints suggest that atherosclerosis, cause of heart attack and stroke.

Your calf pain when walking? You will then need to stop for a second? You are not exhausted yet. The unpleasant Pulling and Stinging, however, could have serious causes and the warning signs for a heart attack. Concerned should, therefore, regularly to the heart examine, advises the German heart Foundation.

Because the cause of such complaints, the heart-according to experts, is often a blood circulation disorder, triggered by an advanced calcification of the arteries, atherosclerosis. And, in turn, is a large risk for heart attack or stroke. How serious the heart attack is to take risk, shows a figure: 75 percent of people with arteriosclerosis in the legs succumb eventually a heart attack. The reason for this Is arrived, the atherosclerosis in the calves, vessels is previously in most cases a significant calcification of the coronary.

Because the pain subsides when you stop quickly, the discomfort in people’s mouth, by the way, also showcase the disease, the Affected use of the walking break, often for a look into the expenses of transactions.

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